Recovery Mode

Ever been there? I feel like I am recovering from the summer! My house is a mess, there are papers everywhere, some important, so that are trash that I was gonna throw away next time I get off the computer that then sat on my desk for the past 3 months! Wow! I am also adjusting to life with Ben and Chloe at school. I knew I would miss Chloe, but I didn't realize how much! Her and I used to go to Olive Garden once a month or so and eat their soup and salad! Yes, we had to take the baby boys with us, but we forgave them! It was such a special time. Anyway, I drove by there today thinkin' maybe I had the hankerin' for it, and my heart ached for those days when Chloe was my companion! She ALWAYS has something to say! Or some great idea that we should do today! "MOM, we should go to the mall today!" Aww! I miss my lil' girlie girl! Instead today I have been with a 3 year old and one year old! Regretting everymoment of our errands this morning that I taught Isaac that green means go and red means stop!!!!!!!!! OH MAN! I KNOW ISAAC! He is so smart though. It has been neat to see Isaac kinda blooming without the older ones here. Now he gets to tell Ty how to behave....it's so cute. He loves it when Ty does something wrong, only for the fact that FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE, it's not me! YAY! Well, my Mocha Latte is almost done, I have organized all my STUPID cook books and Paula Deen magazines by date of issue.....(wow, I am pathetic, though I do love that woman!) Off I go to pick up Ben and Chloe from school!


Been so long.....

Sorry it's been so long. When I started this blog, I made a promise that I would keep up with it....

We have been so busy this past couple of months. We got to take our teens to camp in Pennsylvania this year. Me and my kids got to go. Previously, I had to stay home since we had four kids and no where to put them..so it was a great blessing to me to get to go and be with our teens. They made alot of decisions and I was able to bond just a little with our girls, which was needed. I know how better to pray for them. My kids had a great time. Unfortunately, our first day there, Isaac fell off the bed and we had to find a hospital and he received 3 stitches, it's all healed now. This camp was so Bible orientated! Loved it! Very modestly dressed teens and helpers, great Bible preaching, and they had a salad bar every meal! YAY! I would recommend it to anyone with teens.

We came home from that and unpacked, washed, cleaned, tried to catch up on sleep, then left on Thursday to be with my husband's parents for a couple of days. They never cease to amaze me. They raised 11 children and have all the wisdom that goes with that. I thank God that He put me where I am with who I am....I am so thankful that my in-laws love me and PRAY FOR ME. What a blessing they are to us. The kids enjoyed spending time with Grammy and Poppy...though poor Poppy was sick with a bad cold that now my husband has inherited! Glad it isn't me! ;P

And so, that is that....school starts this thursday ~ packing lunches, getting up early, laying out uniforms, ironing Daddy's shirt, making coffee...oh that last one is for me! Hope this finds all my friends and family doing well....please leave a note that you dropped by!

Ty being a goob after his bath....I love this towel, it's a bear...and he is! HA!
Isaac eating mulberry's off the tree at Grammy and Poppy Snow's house! We had so much fun!
Chloe and her missing teeth! Ladies at church give her a dollar for every tooth she looses! I think she pulls them out on purpose!
Uncle Ernie, Anthony, Justus and Ty...Anthony and Ty looked so much alike as babies, but they don't so much anymore.