Fishing at Indigo Lake....

Once upon a time...

there was a girl named Chloe
and a boy named Titus.

They went fishing with their Mamma and Daddy one spring day.
To a magical place called Indigo Lake.

Indigo Lake was a beautiful land.
Full of frogs.
No fish though.
Unfortunate for the Daddy.

So, upon realizing what a bore fishing without fish really was,
Titus and Chloe decided to go for a walk.

And unfortunate for Ty and Chloe, 
their Mamma likes to take pics of them.

A lot of pics.
Some would say
too many pics.

And so Chloe decided she liked "not" fishing with Daddy over
picture taking with Mamma.
And so she left.
To go back to the fishing whole that has no fish.
Quite magical, I tell ya.

And, as Ty is his Mamma's baby, he wasn't able to make a decision for himself.

And, thereby, got stuck on a fence post.

While the other kids fished without getting any fish.

And Chloe....
she held a fishing pole.
While contemplating the thoughts of life.
"Why do people fish?"
"What is my purpose here on earth?"
"Why is my hair red?"
"Why am I the only girl in this family?"



The broken finger and the progression in a little boys mind.......

Here she is:

Broke in two places.
All because I decided to help my hubby get the log splitter off the back of his truck.
Its getting better though
Just thought I'd share why I wasn't online much.
It hurts to type.

Next line of business:
Fishing and Flowers.
We went fishing for the first time of the season a couple of weeks ago.
I got a lot of great pics.
I will just start with a sequence of Isaac's thoughts on the flowers.
How do I know what he is thinking?  You ask.
Well, he's Isaac.
Not very deep.
Just Isaac.
I'm his Mom.
I know.

My name is Isaac.
It's a nice name.
That's me.

 I am at a lake with my family.
I like water.
Not fishing though.

What have we here?

A flower....
What shall I do with this flower?

Lick it!
Sniff it.


Maybe Mom is hungry.


Cleaning the kitchen one Saturday Morning....

One sad, cold saturday morning....
While all the other kids in the world were
watching their Saturday morning cartoons.
My poor, deprived, tv-less children
were subject to this form of child abuse:

They look absolutely miserable, don't they?
I mean, just look at poor Chloe.
Practically dying.
Tears streaming.
And is Ty striking a pose here?
He feels pretty good about his pantless self
and sneakers.  
The boy always has his sneakers on.

I love Ben's face in this one.
He likes responsibility.
He likes to feel needed.
And I do...
Need him.
I'm sure Isaac is helping as well.
With the cleaning of that bowl.

And Ty was helping by keeping track of the bouncy ball.
And the cleaning out of the angel food cake pan.

Now, lest you think I am a horrible Mom,
I didn't make my kids do this.
They were surprising me!
Ain't they sweet! 
Someone needed to clean that kitchen after the French Toast fiasco of '10.
Though, truth be told, my kids do have chores.
And should an attitude ever arise.
Not that it ever does, my kids are perfect, ya know?
I remind them that we are a family.
And as such, we will help eachother.  
Brothers helping brothers, 
sister helping brother, 
boys helping Mommy,
girl helping Daddy.
We all help eachother. 
That is what families do.

And speaking of chores:
I came upon a lovely downloadable chore list.
I have bought a chore list tablet at Office Max before, but we run through those pretty fast.
This one, you just download and print.
You'll find it

I even did one for the little boys
that just included
brushing their teeth,
picking up toys and 
helping Ben or Chloe.
I trained Ben and Chloe.
Haven't I given enough??????


Wordless Wednesday....



My Girl...

We were all outside one evening last week enjoying the chickens.
Did I just say that?
Anyway, we were all outside, and I looked around and couldn't find Chloe.
She had climbed the back fence and was in the "great unknown."

She was picking flowers. 
So, I started taking pics of this, my only little girl. 
With her pink outfit and red hair.
Her so pretty.

"Chloe, smile!"

Sorry about the fence.
Stupid fence.
At least its not a picture of a goat, right?
That's a comfort.

This past Saturday, we went fishing.
I always bring a big blanket and just sit and breath while they fish.
Why fish?
I don't get it.
So, anyway....
Me and Chloe are sitting there 
and she pipes up and says
"Fishing is like.....doing nothing."
Yes darling...it is.
And that is why my toosh is on this blanket.

Me and Chloe, we get along pretty good.


My husband...

So, I started this thing for my kids called
Mommy Loves You Day.
Each month one kid gets an evening where we can do anything 
that they want to do.
it can't cost money.  
It's about time.
Well, yesterday my husband took me out to eat.
And then we got blinds for our room and the living room!
And then today him and Chloe were talking about 
Queen Day.
And how much fun that was.
I asked what Queen Day was.
He said it's your
We Love You day!

I am sooooo going to think of more holidays to celebrate with the kids so that I get another holiday FOR ME!  



No, Mom.

I can't believe it's happened to me.

Today, I asked my Ty ~ 
my baby
our fourth little guy
my sweetness
the very reason I exist!

if he would give Mamma a hug.

He got angry with me.
Very angry.
And said ~ 
Just like that.
No Mamma.
No Mommy.
Just "no mom."
I may die.

We were so in love for these 2 years.
I was his everything.

His only food source until he was one.
And then still, his main source until he was almost 2.
I STILL carry him in his sling ~ just because he likes it.
I STILL rock him to sleep almost daily...
And all I get is "no mom."

My heart is bleeding.
I may never recover.
Hold my hand.



Mom Day.....

                                          While walking through Target today, I caught a glimpse of something that EVERY YEAR, shocks me.
Mothers Day cards. 
I don't know why, but they get me every time.
My Mom passed away almost 5 years ago.
May 4, 2005
And I still don't look at Mother's Day things and think of me, 
as, I am a Mom.
I don't want gifts, 
or flowers, 
or cards.
I don't even want to celebrate the stupid day.
I want to call her one more time and say "I love you."
I want to hug her one more time.
I want to hear her smack her lips together soooo loudly when she kissed my cheek.
(Used to drive me crazy.)
And then I come home and find out that my best childhood friend lost her Mom today.
And all I can think of is that Chryssa is too young to be going through that.
Too young to be Motherless the rest of her life.
My heart is breaking for her and her beautiful little girls. 

I've learned to live with the regret.
Regrets from my teen years....OY.  
I was horrible to my Mother.
Even after I had children, I wasn't always nice.
I can live with that.
It's the grief that is so hard to live with.
It's always there.
Just when you think, "I can breath again."
You remember that your Mom is gone.
You can't drive to her home.
Can't pick up a phone.
Can't even send e-mail.
I won't find her on Facebook.
Or any of the forums that I belong to.
She's gone.
And my life will never be the same.
I'm praying for you Chryssa.



Our farm (er animals).

Please meet Cracker Jack...our ducks.  One is Cracker and one is Jack, but if you just say Cracker Jack, they get it.  
They are discussing their angst at being thrown into the little pond that has 
happened in our back area.

They were pretty angry.
As was Ty when he realized that they were running furiously his way!

Yes, he does have his winter boots on.

He's 2.
He will do what he wants. 
And who are YOU?

The ducks think that him and Isaac are their Mamma! 
It's so stinkin' cute.
Their poo, however, not so cute.

I can't believe I just put a pic of our goat.
Ty saw this picture and said "Horsey Sarah."
Ok, I'd much rather him think that he had a horse when he was a child
than a GOAT.
She's trying to eat my hubby's shirt.
Stupid goat.

Now, here is our chicks.  
One is missing in action.
I only put this pic up because, 
I hate to admit it,
but my shadow looks really skinny.
I love shadows!

I just love the sun in these pics! 
It was soooo beautiful out last night!
And hot.
I'm a lil' chubby.
I don't do well in the heat.
It was like 75.
I thought I was going to die.
Gonna be a long summer.

Angry duck.
Isn't there some kind of a quote about a duck taking to water?
Yeah, well, just like the rest of our animals,
the ducks don't do what they are supposed to do.

We had a gay male goat. 
And our girl goat is barren.

Oh yeah, Sarah can't get pregnant.
Not sure why.
I have honestly never heard of a goat that can't get pregnant.
Fertility drugs?

She won't look me in the eye.
I have kicked her.
She's hurt.

Daddy had to take a nap after all the action outside.
He's been sick.
Ty gave him his puppy.
And some sanitizer.
He's so thoughtful.

Our lil' puppy and butterfly for spirit week at school!
Ain't they cute?
And now, off to the mall to buy the Easter shoes that I have been saying I was going to buy for over a week now.
My how my life has changed.