Cleaning the kitchen one Saturday Morning....

One sad, cold saturday morning....
While all the other kids in the world were
watching their Saturday morning cartoons.
My poor, deprived, tv-less children
were subject to this form of child abuse:

They look absolutely miserable, don't they?
I mean, just look at poor Chloe.
Practically dying.
Tears streaming.
And is Ty striking a pose here?
He feels pretty good about his pantless self
and sneakers.  
The boy always has his sneakers on.

I love Ben's face in this one.
He likes responsibility.
He likes to feel needed.
And I do...
Need him.
I'm sure Isaac is helping as well.
With the cleaning of that bowl.

And Ty was helping by keeping track of the bouncy ball.
And the cleaning out of the angel food cake pan.

Now, lest you think I am a horrible Mom,
I didn't make my kids do this.
They were surprising me!
Ain't they sweet! 
Someone needed to clean that kitchen after the French Toast fiasco of '10.
Though, truth be told, my kids do have chores.
And should an attitude ever arise.
Not that it ever does, my kids are perfect, ya know?
I remind them that we are a family.
And as such, we will help eachother.  
Brothers helping brothers, 
sister helping brother, 
boys helping Mommy,
girl helping Daddy.
We all help eachother. 
That is what families do.

And speaking of chores:
I came upon a lovely downloadable chore list.
I have bought a chore list tablet at Office Max before, but we run through those pretty fast.
This one, you just download and print.
You'll find it

I even did one for the little boys
that just included
brushing their teeth,
picking up toys and 
helping Ben or Chloe.
I trained Ben and Chloe.
Haven't I given enough??????


Angel~a said...

Not to get off the subject or anything, but I'm LOVIN' that purse on the counter! Very cute!

And I love the new background. If I'd seen it, I would've chosen this one too. Very cute!

~Amy~ said...

That is my new Easter purse! It's a Relic. Love me some Relic! I will tell you the story of it later,