The Beginning of December????

Can it possibly be the beginning of December tomorrow?
I haven't posted for a while and thought I would update those of you who care about our life.
I think the trauma with the baby is over.  
I haven't had any more bleeding!
Praise the Lord. 
Really freaked me out.
I go to the DR on Thursday for an ultrasound and then appointment after that.
I am almost 12 weeks!
You know what that means:
I am almost not sick anymore!
Praise the Lord again.
I hate being sick.
Hate it.
Due to that 6 week time span of doing absolutely nothing but laying in my bed
yelling at my kids to bring me some more pretzels and ice water, my house is disorganized, my kids aren't doing well in school, my hair is a mess (well, maybe that has nothing to do with the sickness) and I just feel an overwhelming need to "pull it together."
It was pretty ugly there for a while.

So, I'm in my "I'm taking back my life" mode.
Ty WILL NOT poop his pants any more!
Isaac WILL OBEY the first time I ask him.
And maybe this stuff really won't happen.
But I hope atleast for a while I can pretend like I have it all together.

Justus hasn't been able to find a job yet.
I haven't either.
Though I haven't really looked.
We are hoping to make good use of my Medical Transcription degree that I earned in August.
I am going to start seriously looking.
I wasn't before.
I'm not going to lie.
It was a half-hearted effort.

And, so, off to clean my pantry out.


Date night!!!

I'm pregnant.

I have cravings.

One of them happens to be Red Lobster.
I'm a sad, sad human being.
So, last week my husband was gone all week helping his brother up in
Indiana while I was home with four kids, pregnant and having complications 
with my pregnancy.
I had to go to the ER on Thursday.
Apparently I have a subchorionic hematoma.
Not life threatening.
But the DR told me to take it easy.
Stay in bed for a couple of days to stop the bleeding, etc.
So, while J was gone, it was me in bed, with my four lil' beings gathered around me
doing laundry, making PBJ's and cleaning the kitchen.
Quite a great time, actually.
Thank God for my sister in law who came over 2 evenings and relieved a lil' boredom.
So, back to the date night..

When Justus came home, he felt that we needed a date.
I begged...
I pleaded....
I got down on my hands and knees...(k, not really)

and he caved and took me to Red Lobster.
Ain't he sweet?
I wub him.

Unfortunately the date took a horrible turn!
You'll never believe what happened next.
It's preposterous!
Unheard of.
It's a crime to human society I tell ya.

We decided to stop at the library and get some videos.
We both respectively got our videos and headed to the front.
I checked out mine.
J came forward with his one video that wouldn't fit on my card due to a limit of 10.;
I looked down to find the title of the video that he felt he must have:
Me and the librarian busted out laughing....
J's face got kinda red, though he was laughing as well.

"What, it looked like a good movie?"

And we are watching it together as I speak.
He isn't going to get any ideas that I don't know about.
Just in case.
*DISCLAIMER~  we took the movie out after about 5 minutes!  Not a good movie.  I should have known!  Hahahahaha!

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Dare I say??????

Today I have put in White Christmas during nap time.

I have my Yankee Christmas Candles all bought.

I have found the Christmas music.

Dare I say, is it time to decorate?????

I am getting in the Christmas spirit folks!!!



Titus' baby and a couple of blessings....

God has sure been busy taking care of us lately.
We still don't have a job.
But don't want for anything either.
God has seen fit to lay it on several peoples hearts to give us money.
A man we knew years ago and haven't seen since then, heard that we were without a job 
stopped by tonight and gave my husband 100 dollars!
I have never seen Justus more stunned.
He came upstairs to tell me and was just SHOCKED.
We are indeed, so blessed.

Except this sickness doesn't make me feel blessed at all.
Me and Ty had to stay home tonight because of it.
Him and Isaac have been quite fascinated with the thought of there being a baby in my belly.
So, now Ty has a baby in his belly.
It doesn't make him sick though.
I let him and Isaac look through my belly button one day last week to see if they could see the baby.
Ty saw it.
Iz didn't.
Well, tonight, Ty's baby was hungry.
So, naturally, he shoved a chip into his belly button.
Oh yes, he did.
His baby feels better now.
So cute I can't even stand it!!

Have you started playing Christmas music yet?
Or decorating?
I bought my candles the other day buy haven't burned any of them yet.
Maybe this week.


Things I can eat while pregnant:

A little of my Mother~in~Laws chicken and noodles.
And, that about does it.
Nice, huh?

Things I cannnnnnooooot eat!!!:
A burger from Steak and Shake.
Meat in general.
Milk products.
Anything that has flavor.

I'm very sad.
I love food.
Can't wait to get the next couple of weeks over and get back to eating as normal.

We spent the last week with my Mother ~in~Law.
It was a really nice break.
She likes to pamper and say things like:
"You shouldn't be up yet."
"Shouldn't you go take a nap?"
"You look tired, Lady."
I like people that tell me to go sleep!  

Right before we left, we went and visited my Father~in~Law's grave.
I had already been there once during the week, but Justus hadn't.
I wasn't sure whether I should go with him, or let him go himself.
So, I just let him go.
I bawled like a baby.
It just doesn't seem right that he should be walking to a grave to talk to his Dad.
He should be here with us...
I know God has a reason, it's just so hard to understand sometimes.
So, after I wiped the snot off my face, I went out there with him.
It's so hard to see the finalitly of the stone.
I know it's final.
I know it's over and there is nothing we can do.
It still hurts.
Seems unreal.
And then I realized that my new baby is due just 2 days from the one year of my Father~in~Law's homegoing.
I think that is pretty neat.

And so to summarize.
I'm hungry.
I'm sick.
I'm tired.
I miss my Father~in~Law.
And I am going to bed.
Good night.
Hope you have a blessed Sunday.