Isaac broke his leg...

My husband plays on the church basketball league. 

 So, we went Monday night, like we usually do. 

 All the kids play ball before the game starts, and at half time, and after the game.  

Well, poor Isaac got run over by a teenager. 

 He just fell backward, I didn't realize his leg was broke.

  Poor baby.

Here are some pics....

We brought him home that night and just layed him on the couch.  
He seemed to be okay, but in pain.

After the trip to the ER. 

Our millionth for this year!  

How embarrassing.

It's life with four kids.

But, on the upside, he gets lots of ice cream.

Guilt, it's good sometimes.

And, your sister (who bawled her eyes out when she found out)
sits and talks to you alot.  

Overall, not too bad.

He will heal.  

I will post pics of his hard cast and Mr. Man in his cool new wheels!

And, I will thank God for what he has given me.  Not two weeks ago,  a family we once knew
were watching their 15 year old play basketball.  He fell.  He had some kind of an 
undetected heart defect, and died.  
When I thought of that last night, I realized, it's gonna be okay. 
Isaac will heal, my heart will heal.  
I still have his smile.



New Years Resolutions....

So, yeah, I've done a pretty good job of keeping them so far.  I have read my Bible all but one day!  YAY!  I am still on my diet.  Though, I am not gonna lie, I had a cupcake last night.  I made these delightful cookie dough flavored cupcakes.  OH MAN!  They were so good.  But, I only had one, not 20.  So, I won't beat myself up too bad.  I have lost 7 pounds!  That's a pretty good amount of weight for 3 weeks!  And I lost that in the first 2 weeks.
The biggest change that I have made is regarding my Pepsi!  I haven't had any since January 2!  That is a big deal for me.  I used to drink it all day long.  To go three weeks without it is such a life change.  Pretty happy about that!
Hope you are keeping up with your resolutions!



Whole Day

I have successfully spent the whole day whiling away the time working on my blog.  Wow.


Izzy's sweet moment of the week.

My lil' Iz is a rough and tough boy.  Doesn't often say words of endearment.  Well, he does to his father, but not me.  I'm a girl.  I have cooties ya know?  He, on rare occasions lets me hug him.  Sometimes a kiss on the cheek.  And if he wants to get out of bed without getting in trouble, he will kiss me.

Last night, I went up to the boys room to put them to bed.  I got Ty changed and put him in his crib.  Then ducked down into Iz's bed to kiss him and say good night to the moon.  He grabbed my head and started rubbing my hair and said "I want to keep you here forever!"  OH MY WORD!  My wittle heart just melted!  And I want to keep him here forever.



Why is it that every time I say "we are all healthy right now", we get sick.  Two night ago, Chloe was up all night puking, and last night it was Ben.  OY!  And poor Ben hasn't learned quite how to throw up discreetly!  He yells!  It's actually kind of comical now that it's daylight.  But when it was still dark, I was just begging him to throw up quietly!  We do have 3 other kids! 

Yesterday we went to a big mall in Cleveland.  We had such a great time.  I love when I have all of my children at the same time!  The two oldest go to school all week, and I really miss them.  It's weird not having them here.  I was sitting at the playland at our mall watching them play, and I got tears in my eyes.  I am so thankful for my kids.  I have never lost a child, never even had a miscarriage.  I have really been fortunate. 
I am thankful that they are all good kids.  Mostly obedient, with sweet hearts that want to serve.  Chloe used to always say "yes ma'am, I'd be glad to" when I asked her to do anything.  Such a sweet little heart! 

So, off I go to make some of Paula Deen's Homemade chicken noodle soup!  I figure with all the sickness going around, we will take it easy on our tummy's today.


A mini~ vacation at the in-laws (or rather, out-laws.)

Here we are...
Me (in the teal sweater) and 3 of my red headed sister in laws...what are the odds?

My wonderful Mother in law!  I love when she laughs.  Her whole face lights up.
And adorable lil' Anthony...who looks amazingly like my Ty.  Though apparently I am the only one who sees it.

It was my Mother in laws birthday when we were visiting.  I am so glad that we got to be part of her birthday celebration.  I thank God for parents who raised my husband to be a man of God.
He is their eighth child...out of 11!  Can you believe it?  That was one of the first questions I asked him when we started dating..."do you want 11 children?????"
No, he only wanted 4 or 6...either 4 or 6, not 4, 5, or 6.  No odd numbers.

Me and Marcy...who's smart comments you can read on any post of my blog.  Good ole' Marcy.

Sledding at Uncle Ernie's house....

ARE THOSE MY KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Isaac....he fell.  And lived.

And here is Ben and I believe that is Chloe.  I could be wrong.  She looks awful long.

And then the priceless last pic of our mini vacation.  The long drive home.  Recalling all the good memories that we had made while in Indiana..
our lovely lil' boys fell asleep (thank God above!)

Ain't they the cutest lil' farts?


Snowflakes up the nostril.....

Ever had a snowflake fly up your nostril?

I knew a moment of panic as I was walking out of the grocery store tonight.  A snowflake flew right up my nose!  I almost dropped my bags...ya know, like you would do in the summer when a fly gets up your nose.  But, alas, my senses came to me and I realized....yes, it will melt.  And I will be fine.  And I am.  Just wondered if this ever happens to anyone else or am I all alone out here in "Snowflake up the nose~land."


The very BEST day of my life.

While, I have had quite a few great days in my life, today is right up there with the best of them.

Some of my great days include:

The day my wonderful husband finally asked me out!  I had been watching him for a long time.  A friend of mine was trying to hook us up.  I knew it, J knew it, I was waiting, and apparently so was he (and it took him forever to be convinced that I was the one for him!)  Hahaha!  But now he knows.  And I am sure he is utterly thankful!  I think anyway.

Some more great days in my life would have to be the birth of my four children.  It took our firstborn a long time to finally decide to come, but the others all (very graciously) came 2-3 weeks early.  God love them.  And our only girl decided to begin her journey while her father and I were at Red Lobster eating our Anniversary dinner.  And then of coarse she waited until the next day (which is just a horrible day to have a birthday) to finally make her appearance.  Our third born came out fast and furious....and that is how he is living his life 3 years later.  And then lil' man, he decided to lay breech thereby requiring me to have my first c~section.  Though all in all , still a great day.


Oh my today!  Today is a day I have dreamed of!

While at the grocery store today, I saw something out of the corner of my eye...

My absolute favorite coffee creamer ever!  I can now enjoy it ALL YEAR LONG!!!!!!!!
Thank you Jesus!



So, here I am again with the same New Years Resolutions!  Loose weight.  Though, this time, I better get it done. 

I mentioned to my husband that I would like to have and elliptical, or a treadmill..  And, wouldn't you know, he found one.  Odd.  So, I will begin using that as soon as the key comes in the mail for it. 

Another resolution that I have ~ or rather, we all have ~ is to read our Bible every day.  I have been doing the Read your Bible through in a year for a couple of years now, but I would get behind and not read God's Word for days and then hurry to catch up.  That just doesn't feel right anymore.  There is a teenager in our youth group (she does read my blog) and she has been really working on her spiritual walk with God.  She always convicts me!  I am so thankful for God working in her life!  Anyway, she gets up at 5 am to do her "Walk with God" time knowing that if you wait, other things come up.  WOW!  I don't know too many teenagers who are that serious about God.  So, all that to say, I need to walk with God, not just to get my name on a plaque saying that I read my Bible from cover to cover, but to have Him by my side every day.
So, every evening, my hubby, me, and our two oldest sit down and read our Bibles together.  Our firstborn has read 23 chapters already and our little girl ( who is just getting into reading) has read 4 or 5.  I am so proud of them and I sure hope this gives them a great desire to walk with God early in life.

What are some of your resolutions?


Vacation from the blog....

I took a little break from the blogging world during Christmas break.  My two oldest kids were home, and I didn't have a whole lot of time.  And to be truthful, I was having a little bit of a pitty party as I do every Christmas since my Mom passed away.  She WAS Christmas.  And I know it shouldn't have been like that, and we aren't following her traditions that way.  We do make sure our kids know that Christmas is about HIM, not us.  But, boy, growing up, Christmas day was ALL ABOUT ME BABY!  And I liked it!  I would wake up Christmas morning to a gazillion gifts ALL FOR ME!  It would take me hours (okay, maybe that is exaggerating a little bit, but bear with me here) to open all of them.  Then, while Mom started dinner and slaved in the kitchen, I sat there in my pj's looking and playing...or watching tv.  Or just doing nothing.  Then I ate....Mom always fixed a great meal: turkey, ham, etc!  All the sides you could imagine.  She always made Christmas so special.  Then I got married, and she did the same for my husband.  Made it wonderful for him.  Bought him tons of gifts, asked what his favorite thing was to eat.  I loved it.  And then she passed away.  Now, Christmas is not all about me anymore.  I have to wake up early, fix breakfast, watch the kids open their gifts, cry because I miss my Mommy, and you aren't gonna believe this ~ I HAVE TO COOK THE DINNER ALL BY MYSELF.  Well, my husband always helps because he knows that I am a delicate soul on Christmas day.  He's good like that...try's to keep me from dissolving in tears in front of our four children! :)  Then!!!!  Oh wait!  Then, we eat, and what was normally my nap time, I spend in the kitchen CLEANING of all things.  And just when I get it all cleaned up, someone asks where the deviled eggs are that I just shoved into the darkest deepest hole of the fridge...and it all starts over again.

Ok, well, it wasn't really all that bad.  I actually had a great day...just a bit of sadness.  It's just weird how things come full circle and here I am being the MOM!  Weird. 

My hubby surprised me with a Mother's ring.  It's absolutely beautiful.  He let me pick it out a couple of weeks before Christmas, but I didn't know that he had picked it up.  He told me that we wouldn't get it before, and then there it was in my shiatsu back massager box....I cried.  Of coarse.  Wouldn't you?  Ok, well, I am a sap, and can cry at the drop of a hat.  It really meant alot to me that he would do that for me.  He loves me...ahhhhh.

So, I am back.  I will post pics later of our Christmas break.  We did alot of fun family stuff.  Such a nice break.