I was up in my room getting ready yesterday morning when I heard Chloe's door open signaling that she was awake! As she always does, she goes straight down the stairs to look out the back window to see her animals. She came running up the stairs just seconds later and says "Mom, I think Max (the dog) killed a squirrel!" Well, I was feeling great pride in our wonderfully fast, pure bread boarder collie! FOR A MINUTE. Then I realized as soon as I got to the window what it was that Max had in his mouth ~ Chloe best friend and pet bunny ~ Flower. Poor Flower was hanging limply in the mouth of a monster who was staring at me thru the window wagging his tail furiously in pride at what he had brought to Mamma! Horrid creature! So, I go running outside in my pj's trying to convince Maxxy to "please put the bunny down." He thought it was a great game. He put it down and I (with all my medical knowledge) was looking at the bunny trying to decide if it is really seriously dead! (Could this really be happening?) When I look up and realize that Max is now chasing Ben's bunny!!!!!!!!!!!! MAX!!! UGH! I finally rescued lil' Fluffly! And got him securely put back in his cage! We are burying poor lil' Flower today. Rest in peace Flower!


Is there anything cuter than brothers in matching outfits?
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Isn't it something how you love each of your kids completely different? Take my lil' Izzy for instance. He is trouble with a capital T! He is so grumpy most of the day! And I just love it. He makes me laugh with his grumpiness. He is like the lil' dwarf on Snow White! But to some, I watch peoples reactions to him and I saw someone loose their patience with him. But you see the thing is, they don't know his heart like his Mamma and Daddy do. He is so tenderhearted. And it really matters to him how he is disciplined. Make sense? But I love him soooo much. Others don't see the kisses he gives so often, the hugs, the times when he just goes and sits on Daddy's lap because he needs to be touched. He is so wonderful. My Mother in law has told me what a handful my husband was growing up and I often wonder, is that why Izzy is like that? And then I wonder if I don't love him just a bit more because I have to pray for him more than the others! He needs it so much more! HA! I know of a missionary family who has a lil' girl named Esther Joy. Esther has cancer and will shortly be with Jesus. I have been thinking and praying for this family so much lately, realizing that at any moment our lives could be changed like theirs was. So unsuspecting, and just BOOM! Life is changed. Pray for them if you would.


An Evening at Home....

Our lil' picnic. Chloe is the picnicinist thing you've ever seen! She always grabs every opportunity she can to bring food into any activity. So we went to enjoy the evening out in our back yard and she said "Can we bring some food?" So, out she came with some leftovers, bowls, lemonade, apples and some fruit. She is so sweet and has such a servants heart! She loves to serve her brothers.
Isaac and his trucks! He loves to play in the sand pit that usually holds our swimming pool in the summer.
Ty enjoying the view....Pondering the trials of life....
One of our Easter bunnies ~ Fluffy....I think.
Ty's face when he sees any animal or train! Too~too!


Whew hew!!!! I am going to school for Medical Transcription and I just passed my final exam!!!! I am so excited. I started in August with this stupid Language of Medicine Book and I just finished learning everything there is to know about the human body!!!! YAY! Don't ask me any questions though, I really am one of those people that retain until the test and then forget it right away! I plan on forgetting everything just for the week anyway. Next on my list is the actual transcribing. That book is much easier though. Praise the Lord! Anyway, thankful to be done with that and almost making money!!!!


My two truly sweet children (not that the others aren't!) I came home one day to find these two just chillin! I love it!
Ty, finally getting the upper hand on Isaac!!!HA!

I am the proud mother of 3 boys! And I just love it! I would have a million children if I could be sure they were all boys! They are so rough and tumbly and yet, they still come to their Mamma in need of kisses for their boo~boos! Ben, though he is 7, still needs hugs and kisses from his Mamma daily. I often tell my boys that if they always bring their families home for Christmas, I will make their favorite food! I have tried that with Chloe and she just wonders what gifts I will give her! Hehehehe, she is just like me!


I couldn't leave this pic out! He is so into it now!
There's candy in these things???????????????
Does it really get any more exciting than a big
Easter Egg hunt?
Before the hunt! All smiles and anticipation!
Before church on Easter Morning! Check out
Ty~ baby's hair do!
By far the best pic of the day!!!!!!

We had such a good Easter day. I didn't fix the traditional
meal, we actually decided to grill out. But it was still


More pics of the park...

Little Ben throwing rocks in the creek.
My baby Ty. Isn't he just adorable?
Isaac ~ Our laughter!
And our precious lil' Chloe. Still very feminine, even in Sneakers!

We have been having the best time lately at our local park! It's huge and so nice. With beautiful walking paths through the woods and over little bridges! I just love it! If we could only make spring realllllly come!