Braces, fevers and other miscellany.

Today our Benjamin got braces. I can't believe it. 

Seems like just yesterday he was a baby and now he is becoming a man. 

Our Chloe has had a seizure every morning this week.  We had to miss church on Sunday because she had a big seizure and fell into her door, wall, shoe rack, nightlight and boots.  It was pretty rough, poor thing. Then today she developed a fever. Which explains the seizures.  When her body is fighting infection she is more prone to seizures. 

This was her beautiful cake from the Westside Bakery in Fairlawn. So good!

We were swimming at the Y yesterday and I pulled my gastroc muscle. I tore it this summer. Stupid leg. 

In case you wondered. 

Anna and I have discovered joy....

Nothing funnier. 

And Isaac and Titus are just enjoying life. As always. Wrestling. Playing Nintendo. Reading to Mamma. And asking for sugar. Good times. 

This was Sunday morning after Chloes big seizure. They sat down, read the Bible and prayed for Chloe all on their own. Sweet babies. ❤️

Hope you all had a happy New Year!  

Since my word for the year is INTENTIONAL. I've been doing a lot of reading on topics that will help me in my life. I rec nelly came across Lysa TerKeurst. She has two books that I can definitely recommend. One is Unglued. So good for us Mammas who are home bound most of the time.  And the other is Made to Crave.  Wow. Life changing.