Lessons from a newborn {{take 1}}....

I would love to tell you the birth story of Annaleah, and I will soon.
I want to edit and *prettify* some pics first and that will take some time.  
I will just say though, that God totally "had my back."
I can even honestly say that Anna's birth was a beautiful experience.
I didn't think that would be possible.
So to all of you who prayed for me, seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
I KNOW it made a difference.

And so....onto newborn lessons!
I am amazed at all you forget, even after four other newborns survived your house.

Lesson #1 ~ They like to sleep during the day and stay up all night.
And I seem to be opposite.
It's going to take some doing, but we will get it switched around. 
Until then, I will enjoy her even at 2 am....
This stage certainly won't last forever.

Lesson #2 ~ Newborns don't poop.
She has got me twice now.
It's been fun!
And the best time to pee pee is when there is no diaper on.
I don't remember getting potty'd on by the others...
I probably did, but she has such talent in this area, I will definitely be giving her a special crown for that!

Hope you all are doing well.
I have missed reading everyone's blogs and FB status.
But, I can't say that I will be catching up anytime soon either.
I have to hold this baby!



Gearing up for the big day!!!

I promise you that one day I will blog about something other than pregnancy.  
But that day isn't today.

Tomorrow night we are sending our kids to the sitters and having a date. 
Then on Saturday morning we get up, get make up on {I will be doing this, not J}
and going to the hospital.
I'm pretty excited.
I'm trying to stay focused on the reason, not the procedure.  

I can't wait to meet my new little girl.
Our last baby.
My last hospital stay with a newborn.
It's all so bittersweet.  

I appreciate your prayers!!!



She's movin' on out!

Our little Annaleah is moving on out on Saturday, June 18th.  
I just went to my last Dr appointment.
Sat through my last {{HALLELUJAH}} NST.
Tomorrow I will have my last ultrasound.
Sing and sway everyone!  "God is so good!"

I do have a prayer request:
I panicked pretty bad with Ty's c~section and I would like to not panic this time.
I have really been praying about it and finding verses to comfort me and bring me back to reality.
I will post pics as soon as I get some.
Thanks for all your prayers.



Garage Sale Finds of the Week!!!

Well, first I have to say that what made this one of the most wonderful days
is that my husband went with us!  
It's usually just me and my kids going while Daddy is at work, or such.
But he was able to go and it was such good family fun time!

Here are my treasures!!!

All of these lil' baby clothes for Annaleah (who will be making her appearance on June 18)

A bunch of skirts and a beautiful dress with matching shoes for after the baby comes for her Mamma...
I paid 
50 cents for each skirt and 4 for the dress and 3 for the shoes!!!!

 And....I might have fallen into some Tupperwear!
I love it!
10 cents for the cups and 50 cents for the pitcher!

Laurel and Hardy videos and Wizard of Oz...
$1.00 each.

I also bought some boys t-shirts and pj sets at a sale for 5 for $1.00!   
And they were mostly new.  
And Chloe got 3 pairs of shoes! 
Not pictured because she immediately took them to her room!  
Grand total of the day:
I think I did pretty good.
And it was soooo fun!
Anyone else find any interesting deals today?