Strengthen Yourself ....

I was just reading the book of II Chronicles and wow! there was so much in there! It said several times ...as long as they (the kings) sought the Lord, He was with them, or made them prosper, or heard their prayer.....what an admonition to continuously seek the Lord. Several times this week, I have had to stop and "strengthen myself in the Lord." vs. 25:11. I am so glad that I have a God who will look out for me and who loves me so much that as long as I put Him first, He "has my back." What comfort. Verse 20:15 says "the battle isn't yours, but Gods." Praise the Lord. I have to remind myself to let God have control of certain situations. He can do a much better job of it than I can! And it's HIS BATTLE! Not mine. Anyway, I could go on and on, there is so much in God's Word that can help me, if I just let it.


Matthew and Stephanie come to visit:

Benjamin, Chloe and Isaac enjoying the water! Isaac never had so much fun in his life! Though he wouldn't get on the jet ski's! They were scary!
Titus and beautiful Moriah sharing a snack. If you notice, they aren't sharing very nicely though. Titus may be 4 months younger than her, but in the typical Snow fashion, he is HUGE! And he won most of the snacks...
Couldn't get very many good pics of the ski's in action, but we loved it!
Isaac enjoying the sights at the Zoo. And Uncle Matthew with all (or most) the kids.

My husband's brother Matthew and his wife Stephanie came to visit us for a week. We had such a great time while they were here. Steph and I went out garage saling on Friday Morning and she bought me a yummy breakfast sammie from Panera Bread. It's so good to have family that we can spend time with. Family that believes like we do, and love the Lord like we do. I hope that I never take that for granted. Thank you M&S for sacrificing the way you did to come and visit us! We sure enjoyed it!

Family time with Matthew and Stephanie

My husbands family got to come in for a week to visit and along with them they brought jet ski's! OH man was that fun. Here are a couple of pics of our jet skiing experience. Sorry they aren't closer.

Titus enjoying watching the big kids play.
Chloe and her "twin" cousin Julia! The 2 redheads are kindred spirits!


Ty and the mysterious pretzel....

My lil' Ty trying his first pretzel. He wasn't sure about it so he put it to his lip first to see if it gave off an odd flavor. Having discovered that it didn't, he went ahead and ate the whole thing! And check out his shoes! I have never paid 15 dollars for a pair of kids shoes before, but I saw these and had to get them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And look at THE ONLY GIRL IN THE FAM! Can you tell?


Getting old....

I am only 32, but really, I must be aging before my time. My hubby and I got to go on a couples retreat this weekend. The activity part was really fun! But I like my bed, and my house and my comfy place! HA! I used to love to travel, but we left early yesterday to come home and take a 3 hour nap! Hehehe! And it was delightful, I tell ya!
Our kids survived at our dear friend Nina's house. I didn't even have to worry a bit about them because I knew she would take good care of them. And aside from Isaac being a lil' grumpy when I picked them up, they all were happy to come home to. I am so glad to be home!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Nina!


The Lawn Boys!

Justus always has loved to take our boys out on the mower with him. Titus had his first go at mowing the lawn and when they came around the tree so that Ty could see Mamma, he put both his little arms in the air and waved! How cute is he? I am so glad my boys have a Daddy who loves them and spends good time with them!



I have been reading in the Kings and Chronicles lately ~ per my daily Bible reading schedule (not because they interest me! :) ~ and it has been talking about how this king did that which was right in the sight of God like his Father that walked before him, and then this king did that which was wrong in the sight of God, not like his father.... And as I got to reading it seemed like so often when the father did right, the son went the other way. Got me to thinking about our own children. You can pray and teach and have Bible time and help them memorize etc. but in the end it is their decision to do right, or to do wrong. Scary, huh? Mrs. Cathy Corle has a book out on Motherhood (I forget the name, but it's pink) and in it she stresses over and over the importance of praying for your children. If you don't who will? It always convicts me. I know I have a husband who begs God to keep our children where they ought to be, but am I praying for them enough? Anyway, just a thought for today. Pray for your children! And I will pray for mine...


Fishing with Daddy!

Wow! They really do have red hair!
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Isaac was kissing my cheek!

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Baby ducklings meeting the Snow children...

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Ben caught the biggest fish of the day! His shirt says "Fishin' Buddies" and has the verse Train up a child on it...we found it in a Christian bookstore in Amish country and just couldn't pass it up. Last summer, Ben got to go with Daddy and Uncle Joseph on a week long trip to Minnesota to fish!
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We took the minnow bucket away and look what happened!
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She, much like her Mamma, has no idea what to do with the fish once she catches it! I do not put bait on or take the fish off the hook. Yuck!
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Ty, trying his hand at fishing. Isaac was checking out Ben and Chloe was seriously into the whole fishing game! She caught her first 3 fish today!
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He is growing up to fast for me! Almost walking. Today was also his 14 month birthday! MY BABY~
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Today was the fourth anniversary of my Mommy's homegoing to Heaven. We decided to enjoy the day out in nature. So we went fishing. It' was such a great time. I hope you enjoyed the pics as much as we enjoyed making the memories.

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