Negative effect on Ty..

Amy, here is what I was telling you about. I didn't necessarily like the look over his face, but you can flip it around, I didn't have time to mess with it tonight, just thought I'd show you the look it gave. I really like the program. It's called Photoscape....


Pics of the kids....

I found a new photo editing program while traveling our first leg of vacation, I thought I would share these pics until I can get the others. I tried to make a special one for each of my babies. Hope you enjoy.

The Infamous after vacation DIET!

WHY OH WHY CAN'T I JUST BE ONE OF THOSE NATURALLY SKINNY PEOPLE? Is the question of the day? We came back from vacation and I had gained 6.7 pounds!!!!!!!!! Holy COW! The good news is, my naturally skinny husband gained 6.8 pounds! OH YEAH BABY! So, here I sit eating my snack of these delightful lil' strawberry cake with creamy frosting that are only 100 calories a pack. I wonder, how many packs are you supposed to eat at a sitting? HA! I may be in trouble! Stupid yummy lil' things!
Some of you have been asking about pics of our vacation. I am trying to get them from my husband! I will get them up as soon as possible! Keep checking!


Isaac is 3! And he wants to shout it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our lil' Izzy turned 3 the first week of June. Due to all the excitement of the season, I haven't been on to update lately. We took him to Chuck E Cheese just the other day to celebrate. I made a banana cake (which was delightful.) I love to do something special with just them and me on their birthdays, after all if either one of us weren't there, we couldn't have done it alone, right? So Ben and Chloe get to go to Starbucks and get a real drink! But, Isaac is already a pretty hyped up child, so we decided to forgo that tradition with him. I was reminded how I started going into labor with him about 3 months early and was in the hospital quite a bit having my contractions stopped. I am so thankful that God brought him to us in HIS own time. And it also happened to be my best friends birthday, so that is kinda cool too! Last summer, there were a couple of incidents where Isaac's life was put in danger, because he is such a danger loving child! I called my Mother in law and talked to her about it. She told me to seriously pray for Isaac's safety. Of coarse as mother's we do that anyway, but I started diligently praying for my lil' Izzy Man! And I am so thankful for his life. He really is our laughter! Happy Birthday Isaac!