The Infamous after vacation DIET!

WHY OH WHY CAN'T I JUST BE ONE OF THOSE NATURALLY SKINNY PEOPLE? Is the question of the day? We came back from vacation and I had gained 6.7 pounds!!!!!!!!! Holy COW! The good news is, my naturally skinny husband gained 6.8 pounds! OH YEAH BABY! So, here I sit eating my snack of these delightful lil' strawberry cake with creamy frosting that are only 100 calories a pack. I wonder, how many packs are you supposed to eat at a sitting? HA! I may be in trouble! Stupid yummy lil' things!
Some of you have been asking about pics of our vacation. I am trying to get them from my husband! I will get them up as soon as possible! Keep checking!

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Angel~a said...

I totally had to laugh out loud when I read the HOLY COW part of your post! Ha! You didn't even realize you were that funny, did you? :)

Call me! And in the meantime. . . . eat some more little cakes.