Poem from my eldest...

My Mother

I love you Dearly, 
O yes it's true!
Will you be my Valentine yearly?
I hope you do.

You are the Mother 
All the greatest is in you!
You think about others
And not about you.

We can't tell you how much
We love you.
We can't even touch
What you do!

I know this isn't the best poem
That you've heard in your life
But I want you to know
Your the best Mother and wife.


How is everyone?  Good.  Glad to hear it.

We took our little Annaleah in today to get her cast off.  She broke her foot.
She was clearly not detoured from this.  She still played, ran, fell, jumped, etc.  She just couldn't go play in the snow.  Which really bummed her out.  This was the week she got her cast on.  Didn't phase her a bit. 

Our beloved Max, the dog, has cancer.  In his elbow.  We are dealing with it as best we can.  One day at a time.  He is to have surgery on Monday.  I think he'll survive.  Oh Maxxy Muffin Mut!  What would we do without you.  

The other kids are doing well with school.  Well, as well as kids can be expected to do with school.  They love it!  Nah, just kiddin.  They tolerate it.  

And so, that's my yearly, I mean monthly update to my blog.  I hope you all are doing well.  I try to keep up on everyone's blogs that I have followed through the years as best I can!  Have a great day!