We drove 18 blessed hours to Mississippi recently.
I thought I'd share our trip with you.
We had such a great time.
My brother~in~law is the Youth Pastor at Temple Baptist Church in Gulfport Mississippi.
He asked my husband to come down and preach his Youth Rally.
We were honored.  
I do so love watching my husband preach to teens.
He jumps and runs!  HA.  Very entertaining!
And you can bet that I am always sitting there thinking 
"he's so hot!" 
I love him!
Anyway, he did a great job.
I really am proud of him.
He has a heart for teens.
And he is such a GREAT PREACHER.
He is wise beyond his years.
(I have his father to thank for that.)

But, I digress.  This isn't a post about my hubby.

Who is sitting on this huge chair!  
It was like 5 million degrees this night and he had to climb to the top of Sunshine Mountain there.
Look at Chloe trying to steal the show.
That's her lot in life.

The gulf coast is absolutely GORGEOUS!
We drove down to Biloxi one day following the coast.
Just beautiful.

The day we went swimming though, Isaac got stung by jellyfish.
It wasn't so beautiful then.
Imagine Isaac....getting into trouble again.
Weird, huh?

Having fun one day outside of Auntie Marcy's house.

I love my little men!

And please meet Jeffrey.

Joseph and Marcy's little man.
Who is just stinkin' adorable.
I wub him too.
And miss him.
He loves Ty Ty.
I do think they will be the best of friends when they grow up.

And here are all the boys ready for church on Sunday morning.
Of coarse they are in matching shirts!  HA.
They were the talk of the church.
As they should be.

And then we noticed that all of us girls had on black and white.  

What are the odds?
And why is Chloe standing with her feet a mile apart?
And WHY is pregnant Marcy not wearing any shoes?
Perhaps she has lived down south too long?

Anyway, we had a wonderful time.
Thank you Joseph and Marcy for making a little haven for us.
Thank you for the honor of letting Justus preach at your Youth Rally.
Thank you for letting us teach your sunday school classes.
I really enjoyed myself.
I can't think of a better way to spend a vacation.
You both are some of the best friends we could ever ask for.
I love you!!




I just had one.

A revelation, that is.

I feel like my head is spinning most of the time.
We have been here, there, and everywhere this summer.  
For days, and weeks at a time.
My house hasn't been completely clean but maybe 3 days in 3 months.
I am not kidding.
I have FOUR KIDS. 
That's a lot of kids.

My Ty has been having asthma attacks (day and night) about every 4 hours for over a week.
I stay up late worrying about things I shouldn't.
(Which is basically what I am doing right now.)

I start homeschooling on Monday.
2nd and 4th grade.
I'm skeered of my own children.
What if they know more than me?
It's highly possible.
I hade such great hopes for having my whole life in order by Monday.
Not gonna happen.
My boys room looks like....I don't even know what it looks like.
It's hard to tell.
You can't really see any part of the floor.

I haven't finished decorating Chloe's room.
We've lived here for 3 years.

Today was Ben's birthday.
It was rushed.
Yet, I did get to spend time with him.
He told me that he was glad that I had given birth to him.
I remind them often what I went through just to give them life....
maybe I should let it go.

And so, I have been slack on my blog because I can't keep up with anything else.
But, truthfully, I sooooo enjoy blogging.
I love going back and reading about my babies.
They are so sweet.
And they grow so fast.
So, I am sorry to those of you who care and have wondered why I haven't been blogging much this summer.
I will try to do better.



I take it all back.....

Everything I ever said about Isaac not loving me.

We went to camp with our teenagers last week.
I decided to leave the two younger boys with my friend Nina.
Last year, I wasn't much help at all with the teen girls.
And, as I am the YP wife, I should help.
I'm wising up folks.
So, on the day we were leaving, I was tearing up a bit while saying goodbye to my babies.
Ok, maybe they aren't babies anymore.
They ware 4 and 2. 
But still, the point remains, they are MY BABIES!
Isaac said "why you crying Mom?"
I told him that I was going to miss him.
And good ole' Isaac pops up with:
"I don't need you Mom.
I want to stay with Miss Nina forever and ever and ever.  AND EVER."

Well, ok.
That hurt a titch.
Kinda like a large knife going through my heart.
Nothing major though.

So, off we went.
We talked a couple of times on the phone.
He called to talk to Daddy.
Cause Daddy is soooo much better than Mommy.
Big poop.

But, yesterday when we got off the bus, and Nina pulled up in her van,
I went right over to the door of her van and here comes Isaac.
Holding onto his Mamma for dear life! 
And he stayed that way for 5 minutes. 
Wouldn't let me go.
Not even for Daddy.

So, I take it all back.
All the mean stuff that I said and thought about him while at camp.
I do love him.
And he DOES need me.
Deep down, I knew it.
All along.