I take it all back.....

Everything I ever said about Isaac not loving me.

We went to camp with our teenagers last week.
I decided to leave the two younger boys with my friend Nina.
Last year, I wasn't much help at all with the teen girls.
And, as I am the YP wife, I should help.
I'm wising up folks.
So, on the day we were leaving, I was tearing up a bit while saying goodbye to my babies.
Ok, maybe they aren't babies anymore.
They ware 4 and 2. 
But still, the point remains, they are MY BABIES!
Isaac said "why you crying Mom?"
I told him that I was going to miss him.
And good ole' Isaac pops up with:
"I don't need you Mom.
I want to stay with Miss Nina forever and ever and ever.  AND EVER."

Well, ok.
That hurt a titch.
Kinda like a large knife going through my heart.
Nothing major though.

So, off we went.
We talked a couple of times on the phone.
He called to talk to Daddy.
Cause Daddy is soooo much better than Mommy.
Big poop.

But, yesterday when we got off the bus, and Nina pulled up in her van,
I went right over to the door of her van and here comes Isaac.
Holding onto his Mamma for dear life! 
And he stayed that way for 5 minutes. 
Wouldn't let me go.
Not even for Daddy.

So, I take it all back.
All the mean stuff that I said and thought about him while at camp.
I do love him.
And he DOES need me.
Deep down, I knew it.
All along.



Jaime said...


Marisa said...

Awwwwww Sooo cute! Great picture! Its awesome when you come back from something like that and your kids are all over you! So nice!!! Hope you had a great time at camp!

Nancy M. said...

Precious! What a sweet family.

Mary said...

Hehehe!! Today I was gone from JT for a whole 8 hours while Mom & Gale babysat him. When I got there to see him I just wanted to squeeze him, but he was playing and wanted nothing to do with me! Daddy comes along and he just perks right up and they play and laugh together... Crazy Baby!! It's okay though...I guess. I just tell people that I'm training him that way to love his Daddy... Like you can train a 6 month old to do that! :)

~Amy~ said...

Marisa, it was great. Mary, that is exactly what I did! hahahaha! I'm glad you had a day away. I do feel so refreshed and I have some patience with my kids now. ;) They like me better. It's nice.

Amy Hagerup said...

That's great. So true. Love your voice. blessings, Amy