Saying goodbye......

Last night we said goodbye to this man:

He's joining the military.
Going into boot camp on Tuesday.
And I bawled the whole way home.
This is our nephew. 
The first one that I fell in love with when I became part of the Snow family. 
He was 4.
And the cutest lil' brown headed kid with a button nose you've ever seen.

We've watched him grow.
Brought him Skittles.
Loved him.
Prayed for him.
Now he is all grown.
And it breaks my heart.
Why must they grow up?
Is it going to happen to mine?
Surely not.

We are so proud of you Matthias!
I can't wait to see what God is going to do with you!



A picture post...

This baby!
Has our hearts.
Justus has never been a "baby man."  
He loves our children, don't get me wrong.
He just didn't know what to do with babies.
Until Annaleah came.
Now he pats her bottom to sleep every night while she lays in the crook of his arm.  
Last night he put her there and she pulled the blanket over her head like he always does.

You can't even imagine what that does to this Mamma's heart.

Our kids fight over who gets her attention.
Who can feed her.
Who gets to carry her to Mamma.
Who gets more smiles.

I'm so thankful that when we decided we were all done having kids, 
God decided we needed just one more.
She is absolutely wonderful!



Rough Morning....

Yesterday morning I woke up with some kind of a rash all over my back.
It spread through the day yesterday.
Last night at midnight I was awoken by said rash and an infernal itching ALL OVER MY BODY.
I came down to the couch to catch some Psych on Netflix while I itched.
Justus got up at 4.
He left at 5.
I woke got up at 6:30 for the day.
Ate a banana.
Broke back molar on said banana.
Am still taking Coumadin.
Dentists are very leery to extract the rest of said tooth b/c I may bleed to death.
And they certainly don't want that to happen at their office.
Then they would have a strike against them, right?
Here I sit.
Me and 7 children.
And my coffee that I can't really drink because my TOOTH HURTS.
And I'm still itching.
And that folks, is my sad little life for the day.
May God bless you.