Lessons I have learned while cleaning out my childrens' rooms.

 We have reduced the sock situation from 2 WHOLE DRAWERS
to 2 small containers.
 And I learned a valuable lesson: it never pays to give up matching socks for a whole year.  While I felt a freedom in not doing it, the disorganization, headaches, and missing socks were just not worth the freedom.

  Less is better.

 Tis more blessed to give than to receive.
I took 5 garbage bags of stuff to Goodwill tonight.

 The more kids you have, the more time consuming this is.

 Less is better.

NEVER EVER EVER let a smell go thinking that one day you will find it.
Because you will, one day.
And I am sorry to say that I did.
And it weren't pretty.

 My kids are better able to enjoy their rooms when they are clean and organized.
They had no idea they had such great toys in their room.

 And, once again, less is better.

Think about it.
How many shirts do your children need?
How many pairs of pants?
Can they easily put their clothing into their drawers after they are clean 
or do you have to come and squish the clothes to the back of the drawer?
Why not make it easy for them and get rid of some junk.
Isaac was wearing a shirt today with a hole right by his belly button.
Why did I keep that shirt?
Why did I put it in the container last year and then take it back out this year
to be put into a drawer?
That's ridiculous.
I'm ridiculous.
And I will never do it again.
Until next spring.

Love, Amy

Any tips, ideas on how to keep things neat and tidy in your kids rooms?
I really like for them to put their own clothes away.
My ears are open.



Sometimes I get on my blog just to let Bing sing to me.
And Louis ain't so bad either.
I think I was born in the wrong era.



The Week in Review.

I'm not gonna lie.
It's not been my best week homeschooling.
Lots of distractions it seems.

Titus poo'd his pants yesterday.
And then tried to clean it up without Mommy knowing about it.
Which only resulted in poo all over the bathroom.

Isaac spilled a whole water bottle on MY BED yesterday morning while watching a movie
and tried to blame it on Ty.
"Ty pee-pee'd," he said.
I knew it wasn't true when I saw the water bottle still on the bed.
This kid really can't lie. 
Cracks me up.

Ben and Chloe are catching on to school pretty well.
It seems to be taking less and less time!
Which makes Mommy pretty happy.
Praise the Lord!!!

I haven't been really sure what to do about Bible Curriculum.
I didn't buy any.

So, I decided on these beloved books of my childhood!
I distinctly remember looking through these books in me and my sister's attic
bedroom on Sunset Boulevard!
How sweet.

We have been having to keep Titus with us in church do to his asthma
and so I am hoping that a little Bible/School time in the morning
will help train him a little bit for sitting in church which he clearly is not
accustomed to doing.
At least it's pretty clear to those sitting behind us in church.
Sorry bout that.
He's a little rambunctious.
He's only 2 though.
Give him time.
Or something.

And, so, that is our week in review.
And some other random thoughts.
Sorry bout that, too.



A Trip to the Park one light Saturday evening....

This kid!  He was saying "cheese".  
I wub him!

We took a trip Saturday night to Mapleside Farm
where they were having an apple festival.
When we got there, they had some bands and other things that we decided we just weren't into.
So, we left, but knew that we had to do something fun with the kids!!!
So, we found this beautiful park.
Daddy with all of his offspring.

My little monkeys!!!

Isaac, I hate to say it, has become lazy. 
He always says "my legs hurt."
Bear in mind that he had a broken leg earlier this year
so we never know when he is being serious or not.
We usually carry his 50 pound body.
Oh yeah.
Good times.

This kid.
I wub him.
Did I already say that?
I might have.
Though it's still true.

Ben and Chloe.
The two amigos.
Always together.
And yes, sometimes fighting.

Now, the next couple of shots were almost my favorite from the trip.
Titus got to have a "new" pair of shoes. 
I bought them new for Isaac when he was young.
Titus just thought that they were the best things ever!!!
And he wanted me to photograph them from every angle.
So, I put him on the bridge and I went down under him.
The pictures turned out really cute.
And so did the boy.
I am contacting a modeling agency this week.

Get this one Mom!

From the side please.

And this side.

Ok, about Chloe's face.
She and I had a discussion.
She won't be doing that anymore.
Aren't they cute though? 
Little stairsteps~
love it!!

Check out Isaac!
Awww.... I wub him too.
And Chloe.
My oh my.

Go Benny Go!!!!!

This is a large sledding hill!
Can't wait to go back!!!!!
What's great about homeschooling is that I can take them one
day during school so that there aren't other kids there.
OH yeah.
This homeschooling gig is pretty good.

This is the pic though.
My darlings.
My little angels.
My poops.
I wub them.
Ornery as they are.
My advice to you:
Don't ever have 3 redheads in a row.
It'll take you down.
I promise.
But, the good news is, 
All of them.
I love freckles.

Love, Amy


Hale Farm and Village

A couple of weeks ago, we went to a historic place in our area called Hale Farm and Village.
It was the home of Jonathon Hale. 
Who, I am sure is important in history, but I don't know why.
I'm only in 4th grade history right now.
It's the best I can do.

Anyway, this place is a village with the homes and beautiful church! 
I thought I'd share some of the pictures.

This home was absolutely gorgeous inside!

I love this stairwell!

All the homes had these cabinets or even small rooms for their dishes!
I want a room for my dishes.
Why can't I have a room for my dishes?
And their dishes were pretty.
Mine aren't.

I am a collector of blue and white pottery.
I didn't steal anything.
I promise. 
Though, I can't promise that I didn't think about it!!!!

This was the sitting room.
I love this yellow!!!!  

The office.
Though, I am sure that isn't what they called it back then.
Most of the furniture was original to the house!
And alot of the decor as well.

The bedroom of one of the houses!

The bed was covered in lace.
Uh, wow.

I wub him.
He's pouting in the church!

I still love him even though he's fallen from grace.

HA.  PawPaw is the worst about getting them to smile at the camera.
He's a professional photographer and it's just not in him to get his picture taken.
He's too busy telling everyone to look at the camera!!!

Why oh why didn't I fix my hair this day?
And what about Isaac?  Wonder what he was thinking?

Seriously, can anyone take a good pic of my kids?
But, they never do.
They are still cute, and I might just keep them even though they won't cooperate.




His life fascinates me!
God told him to go to the brook Cherith and ravens would feed him.

He obeyed, which led him to the widow woman whose life would have been gone had it not been for Elijah.
And THEN because he was right in the center of God's will for his life ~  just step by step obeying God, not knowing what the outcome would be ~ he was able to save her son's life.

THEN! All because of one man who dared to take a stand for Christ, 450 prophets of Baal bowed on their face to the Lord!  How awesome!
And what did Elijah get out of this? 
A couple of chapters in a book.
Ok, well THE book.
But, Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah's spirit!
I can't wait to read about him!!!!


Random thoughts and musings...and happenings....


This kid amuses me to no end!
Every time he steals my camera he gives himself away!
I have about 100 pictures of Isaac taken by none other than Isaac!

My life has become curriculum.
Lesson plans.
And more curriculum.
Don't get me wrong,  I enjoy it.
But, I am letting you know, this is where I am most days.

Until Friday nights!
Friday night is Slumber Party/Pizza/Bonfire/Popcorn NIGHT!
Oh yeah!
And we did it in our pajamas!!!
(Me too, in case you wondered!)
And, Max put on his sleep hat.

Titus was lovin' him some smores...
Though he was very angry with me at first.
He just wanted the chocolate!
Not the other junk!!!
But, we converted him.

Also, we have been adding different chocolate to our smores!
White Chocolate.
Dream big people, dream big.
It's alllll good!

Ben was a little high on chocolate right here.
He was wingin' that stick around enjoying the way the smoke twirled.  
These kids make me laugh.

And yesterday we went to the fair!!!!
I took more pics, but you'll have to enjoy these for now.

These poor animals at the fair.
So mistreated.
This poor cow hadn't barely slept a wink.
She was just plain worn out!

Watching the cool 3-D tv. 
I tried to get him to smile. 
Too cool for even that.
See how they treat me?

Chloe always runs to get in the pic with her brothers.
You'd think i don't give her any attention!
Poor only girl.



Old Movies.....

I love old movies. 
When given the choice, I will pick an old movie EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Fred and Ginger...
Oh how I love Bing.
Grace Kelly. 
Really, has there ever been anyone as beautiful as her?
Gene Kelley.
Just love old movies.

My favorite for over a year now has been
High Society. 
I absolutely love the songs.
The dresses that Grace (she lets me call her that) wears.
And that is my old movie tip of the day!
What are some of your favorites? 
I've got High Society completely memorized...
It's time to move on.




Just thought I'd update you on how our homeschooling is going.

I have had mixed feelings about it for a while now.
But I just knew that this was what the Lord had for us.
For me.
I had always said that I wanted to homeschool our children.
Until it came time to do it!
But seriously, my husband was the Principal of our Christian School.
And our firstborn is a boy.
God worked that out nicely that our Ben was able to go to school with Daddy every day.
They needed that bonding time.
They used to pray every morning for all the kids in the school. 
What sweet memories that Ben will have.

But, the Lord closed that door and opened this homeschooling one.
I knew that it would put an end to my shopping days. 
Even if it was just to the grocery store, I felt like I needed to get out DAILY!
And I still feel like I need to.
But, can't.
It's actually tamed me!
And I love it.
I feel like Harriet from Ozzie and Harriet.
Martha Stewart-esk.
Very Suzy Homemaker!
I even wore and apron around the house last night!
Just because it felt so good.

Now, back to the homeschooling.
We are using the Abeka Curriculum.
I really like it.
It shocked me at first how much work it was for me.
Just knowing what this book was, or that book.
Or where this chart was, or this list.
But, 2 weeks later, we are well into it and I am pretty comfortable with the curriculum.
It really teaches my children. 
I feel like they are getting a nice sound foundation.
I hope to post some pics of our school room soon.
And more on homeschooling.
but Ben needs help with his subtraction now.


I need some serious help folks....

This morning, amidst
homeschooling 2 children through the Abeka Curriculum
checking out FASFA grants for college
raising 2 babies, 
cleaning the house
doing leftover laundry from yesterday 
and continuously going back to my Breville Espresso maker 
to try once again to finish my cappucino for the morning
I found myself
in our back yard 
teaching a chicken a lesson.
Yes, you heard me right.

There I was with my arms crossed
tapping my foot
They keep getting out into our back yard where the kids play.
I hate that.
I hate chicken poo in my back yard!
So, I let the other chickens back in their part of the yard and
this one STUPID chicken was trying to eat a frog...(odd, huh?)

And he she wasn't paying a bit of attention to me.

So, I shut the gate and left her all to herself. 

She was lonely.
And squawk~y.
And sad.
And squawk~y.
And then she became IRATE!
Though still squawk~y.

But I stood my ground.
OH yes I did!
No chicken will get the best of this Mamma!
I have raised three red heads and lived to tell about it!

So, she is still out in the back yard.
Pooping, I am sure.

I hope she is learning her lesson.
Stupid chicken.