Random thoughts and musings...and happenings....


This kid amuses me to no end!
Every time he steals my camera he gives himself away!
I have about 100 pictures of Isaac taken by none other than Isaac!

My life has become curriculum.
Lesson plans.
And more curriculum.
Don't get me wrong,  I enjoy it.
But, I am letting you know, this is where I am most days.

Until Friday nights!
Friday night is Slumber Party/Pizza/Bonfire/Popcorn NIGHT!
Oh yeah!
And we did it in our pajamas!!!
(Me too, in case you wondered!)
And, Max put on his sleep hat.

Titus was lovin' him some smores...
Though he was very angry with me at first.
He just wanted the chocolate!
Not the other junk!!!
But, we converted him.

Also, we have been adding different chocolate to our smores!
White Chocolate.
Dream big people, dream big.
It's alllll good!

Ben was a little high on chocolate right here.
He was wingin' that stick around enjoying the way the smoke twirled.  
These kids make me laugh.

And yesterday we went to the fair!!!!
I took more pics, but you'll have to enjoy these for now.

These poor animals at the fair.
So mistreated.
This poor cow hadn't barely slept a wink.
She was just plain worn out!

Watching the cool 3-D tv. 
I tried to get him to smile. 
Too cool for even that.
See how they treat me?

Chloe always runs to get in the pic with her brothers.
You'd think i don't give her any attention!
Poor only girl.



Mary said...

That photo of TyTy with the smore...OHMYWORD...he looks just like Justus! I mean, after all Justus is his father, so I don't know what else I expected... :) But wow, that is going to be one good looking kid!!!

Danielle Moore said...

I know what you mean about the Lesson Plans! It is that way around here. I have K4,1st & 4th this year. It is challenging!

~Amy~ said...

WOW Danielle! That is a lot. Next year I will have 3 in school also. Though, I think I am going to look into different curriculum's. They have some that you can do group studies. I really like that idea!

Amanda said...

I was just thinking this morning....How do people that homeschool ever get on facebook or anything else during the day. I have 5 school-aged children-1st gr, 3rd gr, 5th gr, 7th gr, 8th gr-and 3 littles. I am busy from 6:30 a.m. to AT LEAST 7:00 p.m. It's crazy!!! Good luck!

Danielle Moore said...

Amy what grades are you doing? My little man is in K4 that doesn't take long at all. He only has a couple of pages each day. I could have him done in an hour if I wanted to. A Beka had a pretty good schedule in the front of there home school books that has helped me to manage doing all three.

Marisa said...

Hilarious about Isaac taking pics of himself and giving himself away! LOL! I always know when Ella writes on my walls because there are big E's everywhere! ha ha! Nothing like signing her name to it! ha ha!

And FUN pj night!! Love it! What fun memories you are making!