Wrapping up Homeschooling for the year....

I am feeling very done with homeschooling.
Like as in "I don't care if they learn another blooming thing."
"I don't care if they do another page."
Or another test.
I'm done.
Over it.
Never want to do it again.

But I will.

Next year.

But for this year, I AM DONE.

And they almost are.

Next Friday, May 6, should be our very last day.
Ben has some English to do over the summer. 
He had a hard time with the parts of speech and we kinda figured that it was important that he learn that clearly, so we slowed down his pace and we will just do that over the summer.  
It won't hurt him.
It may kill me though.
But I doubt it.

How are all the other homeschooling Mom's in the world feeling?
Over it?
Just wondering if I am all alone......



Update on the nursing home ministry...

Ursula is still there...
and still wondering if I am really going to have ANOTHER baby.

I know, it's hard to believe that someone would procreate as much as we have.
I'm really confused by the whole thing myself.

Yesterday my husband got to preach at the nursing home.
We sit at round tables...
Justus and Isaac sat closer to the front
and me and the rest of the clan sat in the back ~ Ty was in a funk.

So, Justus is up there preaching and I get the feeling that I should check on Isaac who is 
sitting with himself at this point....

I look...

Only to find Isaac happily flirting with a black lady sitting at his table.
He never ceases to surprise me!  

Hope you had a great Easter!!!!

What did you eat?

And why is it an Easter tradition to eat ham?  
Anyone know?
My husband asked me yesterday and I said "because my Grandma always fixed ham."
Not logical, I know, but that is why I fix it....



Funny happenings in Teen church this morning.

Perhaps, due to my plumpness, I am overly giggly...
but these teenagers this morning CRACKED ME UP!  
They are all on the younger side of their teen years and therefore tend to lose all abandon
and are very likely to just say whatever comes to mind.

While asking for prayer requests, Dylan age 12 raises his hand.

He says "please pray that my eyebrows would grow back quickly."
My husband ~ very seriously~ says "What happened?"

Dylan is quiet and pensive for a moment and says 
"My brother shaved them off while I was sleeping."
 Bahahhaaha!  Poor Dylan!
{{{We did pray for his eyebrows by the way.}}}

My husband has been teaching them through the book of Proverbs
the past couple of weeks and he was asking questions regarding previous lessons.

One of the questions was : What do you hold tight to?

To the which Tyler replies:

"Your wife?"


And last but not least... What is the principle thing?

One would think the correct answer is wisdom, or even God, or Jesus...


Not in our teen church.

No siriee bob!

We got 


Who knew???

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as I did.
It is great to serve the Lord!


So long!

I can't believe I have neglected my bloggity blog for a week.
A whole week.

We have been so crazy busy lately looking for vans that I spend my morning transcribing, and homeschooling and as soon as I am done with that, I *try* to clean up this wreck of a house a bit.
And when J comes home, off we go.
I am weary of looking at vehicles.
I hate them.
I loath them.

Uh-oh, J just got home, off we go again.

But first a funny story:
This morning I had my head phones on listening to the Dr and I didn't hear Isaac and Titus. 
So, I wondered out to the living room to find 
my two manly men
{{{best wrestlers you have ever known}}}
intently watching

Cinderella II!

They were so into it.
And quite frankly, 
I walked very quietly back to my office.
If they are quiet, I am good with it.  
Hope you all are doing well!



So, our cats spent the night and the day in our van. 
Locked in.
Can you imagine what our van smells like?
NEVER have I been so angry.
Why do we have cats?

Next question:
Will life ever slow down?

When is my day off? 
I seem to have lost track of that on my calendar.
I know I wrote it down somewhere?

Which van should we buy?
Where is it?

How much larger can I get?
My feet have been gone for a while now.
My back aches alllll dayyyyy longggggg.

Just thought you'd like to hear some random questions in my mind tonight.
And lastly:
Why am I still awake?

The Rest of the Story.

Here I am folks.

At about 6 months along.

Oh, yes, this child might come out very moose-like.

I'm huge, I know, I've heard it before.

My husband let me wear his Cintas jacket...
after asking me if it would even fit.  
It did!
Take that!
It probably won't next time though.

I just thought you might like to know the reason behind all the comments I get.

I am big.
I was walking through the gas station last night after paying and I almost fell into a man just STANDING THERE.
My equilibrium is, uh, OFF.

It's hard to be me.


Stupid things to say Saturday.....

OH yes, I am making a whole series on this one.
Because I get stupid things said just about daily to me and my enormous pregnant self.

So, last night, I had to get to the grocery store for milk, and a couple of items for our teen activity today.
Sounds easy enough right?
I took care of business pretty quickly and got to the check out line.
I noticed a new teenage guy was the cashier. 
Normally I hate to go through the new peoples lines....
I prefer the people who know me.
It's all I have in this world. 
My cashiers at Giant Eagle.
We've bonded over the years.
While standing there in line, he is trying to make polite conversation and unfortunately,
he pipes up with:

"Wow, you about to give birth there?"

I just looked at him and sighed...long and hard.


1.  No, I am not about to "give birth here."
I have about 10 weeks to go.
I'll give you a call.

2.  What man says "give birth" to a lady?
He is probably all of 18 years old.
What does he know about "giving birth?"
Has he done it recently?
Did I look like I was in pain or something?

I think I will call his Mamma and have her educate him on the whole "giving birth" thing.
I'm sure she would be proud.