Stupid things to say Saturday.....

OH yes, I am making a whole series on this one.
Because I get stupid things said just about daily to me and my enormous pregnant self.

So, last night, I had to get to the grocery store for milk, and a couple of items for our teen activity today.
Sounds easy enough right?
I took care of business pretty quickly and got to the check out line.
I noticed a new teenage guy was the cashier. 
Normally I hate to go through the new peoples lines....
I prefer the people who know me.
It's all I have in this world. 
My cashiers at Giant Eagle.
We've bonded over the years.
While standing there in line, he is trying to make polite conversation and unfortunately,
he pipes up with:

"Wow, you about to give birth there?"

I just looked at him and sighed...long and hard.


1.  No, I am not about to "give birth here."
I have about 10 weeks to go.
I'll give you a call.

2.  What man says "give birth" to a lady?
He is probably all of 18 years old.
What does he know about "giving birth?"
Has he done it recently?
Did I look like I was in pain or something?

I think I will call his Mamma and have her educate him on the whole "giving birth" thing.
I'm sure she would be proud.

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