Wrapping up Homeschooling for the year....

I am feeling very done with homeschooling.
Like as in "I don't care if they learn another blooming thing."
"I don't care if they do another page."
Or another test.
I'm done.
Over it.
Never want to do it again.

But I will.

Next year.

But for this year, I AM DONE.

And they almost are.

Next Friday, May 6, should be our very last day.
Ben has some English to do over the summer. 
He had a hard time with the parts of speech and we kinda figured that it was important that he learn that clearly, so we slowed down his pace and we will just do that over the summer.  
It won't hurt him.
It may kill me though.
But I doubt it.

How are all the other homeschooling Mom's in the world feeling?
Over it?
Just wondering if I am all alone......


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