Update on the nursing home ministry...

Ursula is still there...
and still wondering if I am really going to have ANOTHER baby.

I know, it's hard to believe that someone would procreate as much as we have.
I'm really confused by the whole thing myself.

Yesterday my husband got to preach at the nursing home.
We sit at round tables...
Justus and Isaac sat closer to the front
and me and the rest of the clan sat in the back ~ Ty was in a funk.

So, Justus is up there preaching and I get the feeling that I should check on Isaac who is 
sitting with himself at this point....

I look...

Only to find Isaac happily flirting with a black lady sitting at his table.
He never ceases to surprise me!  

Hope you had a great Easter!!!!

What did you eat?

And why is it an Easter tradition to eat ham?  
Anyone know?
My husband asked me yesterday and I said "because my Grandma always fixed ham."
Not logical, I know, but that is why I fix it....

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