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Ben and Chloe had done some extra chores the other day, so I told them that I would buy them a toy at the Dollar, Ben asked what Isaac and Ty would get when we went out shopping. I said "Oh, they will probably get a lil' snack or something..." About 15 minutes later Ben came up to me and said "Mom, I am really glad that I am getting a toy instead of just eat it and it comes back out and we all know where it goes then!" Hahahaha! What's wrong with that kid???????????
I was getting our lil' Ty out of the van the other day and I was kissing his lil' toesies and telling him how beautiful they are when Chloe replied...."Mom, his toes are beautiful....but they taste like salt!" Hahahahaha!!!! "Chloe exactly when were you tasting Ty's toes????"

I love my children!


There is nothing better....

There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God. Ecc. 2:24

I love days like this, where we are outside for pretty well the whole day! LOVE IT! I love that my lil' boys ~ and my lil' girl too~ come in all dirty. I love that they have played their lil' hearts out and then after a nice warm bath and a nice drink, they can climb into bed and sleep hard knowing that they did "their work" for the day. I just love these days of watching them in the sunshine....Ty was rolling in a dusty dirt patch in our driveway today....Isaac was throwing a ball into the tree trying to hit the branches...Ben and Chloe were just riding the go cart round and round the side yard and all I could hear were Chloe's loud girly giggles! My life is so good! I looked over to find Justus and Isaac and they were leaning over the truck bed and Isaac was hugging the life out of Justus ~ so thankful for his life too! Thank you God for giving me this wonderful life. Thank you for these four wonderful lil' kids who can always put a smile on my face...thank you that my soul gets to enjoy my good labor!!!


Fourth of July.....

My Ben is gonna be such a good Daddy. He totes Ty around like a big ole' sack of potatoes. But look how he is protecting his head!
Watching the action....this was such a fun parade. The kids all got to decorate their bikes and ride the parade, then people voted who was best. I asked Ben if he wanted to do it next year and he was apparently appauled that I would even think such a thing and Chloe said "sure she would." So, next year I think we might be in the parade!!!!
Ty~ster can't get enough of corn on the cob these days! He goes at it like a mad jokes Marcy, we know that corn doesn't digest, you don't need to tell me, I change his diapers, it ain't pretty!


Fourth of July....

PawPaw thought it would be so funny to put rocks in poor lil' Ty's shirt and we all did get a good laugh about it!
Joanna and the love of her life ~ Luke...
The boys...discussing.....who knows?
The parade we went was so fun. You can see Auntie Marcy and her Mom and Uncle Joseph even...


We found this really cute playground in Williamsburg and it had this lil' horse and buggy set! HA! So cute.

A parade we happened upon in downtown Williamsburg....
It was like 11 o'clock here and Ty was weary!

Watching the rifle show.....Isaac is covering his ears....
Isaac letting off some steam!

Chloe's beautiful Williamsburg hat! It was hers until we looked at the price tag which was 30 dollars! HA! "Put it on Chloe and we will take a pic!"


Vacation pics.....

Ty~baby was sleeping for this pic!
The ships at was so neat.
One of the old houses in downtown Williamsburg...
Ty checking out the very old rocks! Part of history, ya know....