it's been so long.
I have been really trying to kick some bootie on my Medical Transcription school.

And then I can sit around all day and blog...
well, no, I can't.
I'll actually have to work more then.
Someone remind me why I started this little venture.

Let me tell you something about DRs. 
Not only can that not write, but they can't talk either!
And some of them eat while dictating....
which is quite aggravating.

But, the truth of the matter is
I wouldn't be looking forward to making money without them.
I need them. 

Aside from that..
potty training is great.
Ty has had a couple of accidents. 
Mostly when he was playing outside.
He did get in trouble for that!
No sirrie am I going to be cleaning poo out of your bobs (undies)
because you didn't want to come in and put it in the potty.

He got the point.

And he got it good!


Well, it's toiletpaper buying day.
My favorite day that only happens every other week.
Oh boy.
Gonna be fun.
See ya later!
What have you been up to?



A trip to Little Italy and a lesson learned.....

  My hubby had a dentist appointment up at the Case Western Reserve Dental School in Cleveland on a Monday morning, so we decided we would all go and have a 
"Family Fun Day."
So, I decided to try and find Little Italy.
I had been there years ago, as it was behind the hospital that my Mom used 
to go to for her Cancer appointments.
I hadn't been there since the last time she was in the hospital right before she died.
So, I wasn't sure that I really wanted to go.
But, we did.
I found this lovely little Patisserie.
I think that's what they called it.

So in we went.
And got some yummy treats.
What Chloe is eating is my first ever taste of Italian Gelato.
It was yummy.
But she kept eyeballing it!
I gave birth to her, isn't that enough?
But apparently not.

Isaac was having such a great time...more to come on him in a bit

Ty got a cookie.
A large cookie.  
He was so enthralled with the ding dong thing!

I wish I had taken more pictures of the beauty of it all.
But, alas, all I could concentrate on was the children that seemingly surrounded me.
While wondering "are they really all mine?"
Like, I have to take care of them? 
ALL of them?
Ok, I know there is only four, 
but when there is only one of you....
because your husband is at the dentist office.
It's scary.
Anyway, so on to the lesson learned.

Isaac broke his leg in January of this year.
And had to be in a wheel chair for 6 weeks.
I think you knew that...
I never knew what it was to have a "handicapped" child until then.
To have people stare.
They often couldn't see his cast, just a child in a wheel chair.
And people wonder, ya know?
It's normal, I suppose.
But still, somewhat aggravating when you get it every where you go.

So, while standing in line, this man in a wheel chair came in behind us.
He had an electric chair. 
He had obviously been born with a debilitating disease.
And was maybe somewhat tired of people staring at him.
And as Isaac is wont to do, he looked at this man.
Though, not because of his disability,
but because of his REALLY COOL CHAIR!
And so, I don't know if this is right or not,
but I encouraged Isaac to go talk to this man.
I knew he wanted to.
So, here he goes.
I'm nervous just telling this story thinking of all the different directions this could have went.
Iz went right up to him and said:
"Are you broke?'
I just about cried.
This man looked at me, and SMILED.
I think he was relieved.
Relieved that someone would ask INSTEAD OF JUST STARE AND WONDER.
And so, him and Isaac had a nice talk.
About his really cool chair and how he was born like that because "Jesus made him different."
I have always wondered how to handle situations like that.
Kids are so curious.
And usually not in a bad way.
They just wonder.
So, why not encourage them to ask?

Isaac went to this man after we had all sat down and gave him a Bible tract.
He sat at his table and read the whole thing.
I hope to see him in Heaven one day.
RUNNING down the streets of gold.

Lesson: JUST ASK.

What do you think?



It's that time again in the Snow house. 
A time when I want to rip my hair out.
Or teeth.
Or someone else"s hair or teeth.
With our last little one.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my dear friend Shelarella!
She told me, when my first was just a baby, to throw away the diapers.

I thought I would share my potty training techniques. 
It has worked FOUR TIMES.
And rather quickly, I might add.
Now, we aren't out of the woods yet, it's only been 3 days.
But, man, am I proud of my little Ty.

So, day one: He has no idea that liquid comes out from "there."
So, you sit him on the toilet about a million times while you sit there and cry in front of him.
It's true. 
I usually cry while potty training.  
It can be somewhat frustrating.
Don't expect much the first day.
MAYBE and accidental pee.
But it will scare them more than anything and they probably won't release it all until
you put them back in their undies and put them on the floor. :)
BUT!  Bear in mind, they are learning what happens!  
And that is the key.
Up to this point in life, they have no idea what is going on in their diaper area.
Haven't even thought about it.
So, much patience is required.

Day 2:  You will want to quit all day long.
Thinking, maybe he's too young.
I always started right after their second birthday.

Yesterday (day 2) I sat by the toilet pretty much all day.
Until last night.
He let it all go in the potty.
I didn't scream until he was done.
It would scare him. 
We don't want to stop the flow.
No sirrie!
So, sit and be quiet.
And, now we are in 
Day 3: He woke up wet (of coarse), I had a pull up on him at night( that will be week 2).
As soon as he was downstairs, off came the pull up and on with the undies.
He wet just a bit, I put him on the potty and told him to put the rest in.

After he told me to leave the bathroom.
We've had a rough week together.
I'm not sure there is a bond anymore.
I hate sitting in the bathroom.
Though, thanks to my dear friend Nina who gave me some Shacklee Basic H for Mother's Day,
I sit in a clean, fully sanitized bathroom.

And, so that is how we do it.  
No diapers.
I have spent three days in this house...
only going out when my hubby could spell me.
But, it's gonna be worth it 
when I go shopping later this week and don't have to buy any stinkin' diapers!
First time in 8 years!



So, here I sit eating...

a bratwurst at approximately 10 o'clock at night.

Why, you ask.

Well, I'll tell ya.
Because I want to. 
Because I don't really have time to watch my calories right now.
And I am an all or nothing kind of a girl.
So, its nothing on the diet front then.
Thats all.

Hopefully my life will fall back into place next week.
Our washing machine is broke.  
I got to do four loads one day this week.
And then it broke again.
So, we wait.....
Until tuesday 
for clean laundry.
Don't ask any questions.
You don't want to know. 
Trust me.

See ya next week!