it's been so long.
I have been really trying to kick some bootie on my Medical Transcription school.

And then I can sit around all day and blog...
well, no, I can't.
I'll actually have to work more then.
Someone remind me why I started this little venture.

Let me tell you something about DRs. 
Not only can that not write, but they can't talk either!
And some of them eat while dictating....
which is quite aggravating.

But, the truth of the matter is
I wouldn't be looking forward to making money without them.
I need them. 

Aside from that..
potty training is great.
Ty has had a couple of accidents. 
Mostly when he was playing outside.
He did get in trouble for that!
No sirrie am I going to be cleaning poo out of your bobs (undies)
because you didn't want to come in and put it in the potty.

He got the point.

And he got it good!


Well, it's toiletpaper buying day.
My favorite day that only happens every other week.
Oh boy.
Gonna be fun.
See ya later!
What have you been up to?



Mary said...

Well, I haven't been up to anything as exciting as toilet-paper-buying-day...but I did recently buy some laundry detergent, fabric softener, shampoo, conditioner, and shaving cream all in the same day...
I know it doesn't match up to the excitement of buying toilet paper, but throw in a couple of poopy diapers and that's gotta count for something!! :)
Love ya!!

~Amy~ said...

You are absolutely right, Mary! It does count. I just love my shopping days. (NOT.) I did take the boys to Chick-fil-a though...and that was fun! No diaper changes though. HALLELUJAH!

Melissa Chambers said...

Hi Amy,

See I do read your blog. The kids are getting so big. My second graduates from high school in a couple of weeks. Two high school graduates - then the baby of the family is 14 (boy I feel old).

I feel your pain on the dictation. My boss likes to have his letters emails, etc. on his dictation device. I can tell when he is eating too and the pauses drive me crazy. Along with when he changes what he is trying to say about 3 to 4 times, but I guess I wouldn't have a job if he didn't need someone to type what he is saying.

On a lighter side - LOL - I don't have a specific toliet paper buying day. I get it hopefully before we use the last roll = )

~Amy~ said...

You totally should get a toilet paper shopping day! SO FUN! Hahahahaha!

Hannah says hi! said...

Sounds like this time is very exciting for you with finishing up medical school and toilet paper buying. Lol! Anyway, I'll ttyl. Love ya!