Miscommunication on the Home-front and my first Giveaway!

One cool Monday afternoon
I asked Ty to help Mamma by
putting all the cookies in the cookie jar.
Ty, being only 2 years old after all,
mistook those simple instructions for:
"Ty, bite into all the cookies you possibly can before Mamma finds you."
It's weird how things can get translated so differently between the ages.

And now....my first giveaway.
Well, it's really not a giveaway like the cool blogs do.
I am going to buy a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks for the 
first person who guesses correctly on
what my favorite drink is.  
Here is a pic of it.
Hope you can read it.
If not, just guess.



Kristina Auclair said...

Sure wish I liked coffee so I could guess this. Just thought I could be the first one to comment on your blog:) I think the drink is from Starbucks though! Did I get that much right???:) Have a great day!

apriljmomof4 said...

ooh! Very yummy!! A peppermint white chocolate mocha frappachino (or how ever you spell it) and don't forget the whipped cream! I love that drink too! and if that's not it it's another one that I'm sure I love! :)

Jaime said...

Ha ~ I should know this...just remember it was a really long name.

~Amy~ said...

OH April, you are so close...there's one little leter that means all the world to this drink! Try again!

Shelly said...

a white choc. peppermint mocha frappacino!!!!!!!!!

~Amy~ said...

Yes,but there is one letter (at the end) that you are missing!

apriljmomof4 said...

well the P is for peppermint then theres + whipped cream maybe that means extra whipped cream and then I see white chocolate mocha and its a frap and the last letters mean you came to the front. So if thats not it I'm a little rusty and need to go to a Starbucks right now!!!

~Amy~ said...


apriljmomof4 said...


~Amy~ said...

NO! Not latte! Keep trying! But it's not latte.

apriljmomof4 said...

How about light? or light ice? I'm running out of ideas....

~Amy~ said...

apriljmomof4 you have done it! I hope this is one of the happiest days of your life! ;)

The Doll Family said...

I'M TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!! My soul is crushed! :(

Love ya, Amy! :)

Melissa Chambers said...

Guess next time you should ask him to put up the vegetables LOL. In his defense Mom they were cookies. Also, he wanted to make sure they were fresh before he put them in the jar.

My boss' daughter who was 14 at the time came to stay the weekend with us while her parents were away. Ashley I believe was 1 1/2 or 2, so Mary slept in her room with Ashley. Needless to say she woke up at 6 am like we did on the weekdays (kids I'm sure you know don't know the difference) and stood straight up in her crib announcing that she wanted a cookie by repeating "cookie, cookie, cookie" over and over. Still to this day Mary remember being woke up by my little cookie monster.

Take care and have a great weekend = )

Your FAVORITE cousin,