A lot has been happening lately....

I didn't mean to neglect my blog at all! 
Life has been crazy!
I'm not quite ready to blog about my father~in~law's passing just yet.  
That will come. 
I hope to be able to share the story with you soon.
But until then, I need to catch you up!!!

On Monday June14th, we left for vacation.
We went to Pennsylvania to Idlewild Amusement Park!
Soooo fun!
They have Story Book Forrest.  
Just wonderful for little kids. 
Since I took about 500 pictures this month, I will give it to you in small doses.
I would definitely recommend taking your kids there.
Very family friendly.
The first night of our vacation, we were privileged to be invited to my friend Kat's house.
And she invited our other friends Dave and Angela over too!
It was so nice to be able to hang with my peeps!  HA.

And there we are.
For those of you who gasped, I will definitely be talking to a plastic surgeon about the shape of my neck.
Thanks for noticing.
For the first time in my life I played Catch Phrase. 
Between the game and Kat, I almost wet myself laughing.
I need that!
My abs (if they are still there) hurt when we left.

My Chloe on the right and her Libby! 
They were so cute together.
Best friends who couldn't remember eachothers names. 

Isaac and Angela's boy Logan.
They are a month apart in age. 
Angela and I have been pregnant together 3 times!!!!
So fun to see our kids who are almost the same ages.
Though, she saved her girl for the last one.
Smart of her to do, don't'cha think?

Here are our husbands.
And boys.
Being boys.
They had a great time too.
And Kat's Pastor came over as well!
It was soooo fun getting to fellowship with like~minded people.
I could do that every night of the week!
As long as Kat kept her jokes clean! 
Love you Kat!

Then we went back to our motel and swam!!!!

And swam.

And swam.

And swam.

And the rest of this month will have to wait.

To be continued.
I've missed you all!



Marisa said...

So Sorry for your Loss!!

Great pics of your fun times! LOVE to hit the hotel pools when we travel! And how fun to get to see your friends! LOVE getting to see old friends! So glad you guys got to have such a great time! FUN!

Hannah says hi! said...

I'm glad that you all had such a wonderful time! The pics are great, and I look forward to seeing the other 492 of them.

I'm praying for you during this time. Love you bunches! : )