Life altering moment.....

Forgive me for looking so scary in this picture.

It was in THIS VERY SEAT that I had a life altering moment.

Ever have one of those?

Yeah, well, I did.
I was sitting here letting Titus take a little nappy noo.
He was so tired at the Idlewild park.
He couldn't take it anymore.
Not one more stinkin' minute.
I think you get the point.

So, I sat down with him.
While sitting there, I watched a Mom holding her 5 or 6 year old daughter,
who was kicking and screaming....
she carried her into the bathroom while the Mom was yelling
"I can't take this anymore!  I can't live like this anymore!"
Etc. and Etc.  
All the while, the little girl was yelling...
I thought to myself....
"That lil' girl's gonna get an attitude adjustment."
And I went on about my business letting Ty nap.
Ok, maybe I napped too, it's all so blurry.

About 15 minutes later...
The daughter and mother came out again...
and sadly it was the same scene.
Mother screaming,
daughter screaming...

Why was this life altering to me, you ask?
It clearly defined for me why I believe in disciplining my children.
I don't want to be to the point of Motherhood where I am screaming "I just can't take it anymore."
I want to love being a Mommy.
And part of that is having good, obedient children.
Now, you that know me, know that my kids are not (by any stretch of the word) perfect.
I don't want to sound self-righteous.
I don't have it all together.
Have I ever felt like giving up on being a Mommy.
Since Isaac was born.
But seriously...
it was painful to watch that.
They were on vacation.
Supposed to be having a great time.
Instead there were tears shed from both mom and child.
I don't want to feel out of control with my children.
I don't want them to feel like Mommy just might loose it some day.
And, that is my life altering moment.
Thanks for listening.
Now I am going to go eat some cheesecake. 



Mary said...


Amy Sue said...

I am SOOO EMBARASSED that you saw me!! (hee-hee!)

~Amy~ said...

Amy! You kook.

Mary, don't get too excited. It was that container they sell by the cream cheese of pre-made cheesecake. I was desperate for cheesecake.

Marisa said...

Yep! This year I had a 3yr old awana group. There was this one girl that gave me those moments of clarity of just WHY my kids are not allowed to do whatever they want when they want! Three years old and she would spit all over everyone (when she was mad), hitting, punch, kick, scream at the top of her lungs, and would site and LAUGH after she knew she did something bad and we were not happy with her! As My Dad always says.. Sometimes the way to see how to do something right is see how it is done wrong! ha ha!

~Amy~ said...

That is exactly the truth of it Marisa! Hahahaha! Did she ever spit on you???? Nasty!

Marisa said...

Yep! That was the night I took her to her mom! ha ha! Her Mom said... Oh okay! That was it! ha ha! Nice! =)

Kayte said...

Parenthood is work for sure! And disciplnie is probably the hardest part of all (for me anyway). I've cried with a naughty girl being clutched in my arms before too... and it was not pretty. Begging and pleading for your little darling to behave is not exactly effective but I've done it. The only thing that gives me some sort of comfort is that we were not in public. So that was def. Amy Arthur you were witnessing; not me. ;) I read somewhere that if your doing the work in private, you won't have much to do in public. MOST of the time that has been true with my kids. (Though this one time at my ped. office was quite embarrassing...)

*sigh* I want cheese cake too. Zuchinni muffins will have to do.

Punta Gorda Stampers - Trish said...

I like that if you do it in private, you will not have to do it much in public.

Having 4 liitles, sometimes I feel like this is me right now.

I am all chocolate! Oreo cheesecake sounds good.

~Amy~ said...

Alright, oreo cheesecake works for me!!! Who am I kidding? Any cheesecake would make the cut.