Merry Christmas

It is my New Years Resolution to start back blogging. I promise. ❤️

But until then I wanted to share a couple things from my heart. I posted this picture of the Grinch because that is how we've been feeling the last couple of years about Christmas. We noticed there were several families in our church that were older couples whose children have started their own lives in different areas of the world and they don't have anything to do on Christmas. So all those years they had Christmas at home with their children just like we are doing this year and now they get to sit at home on Christmas Day and long for those days. So we started having a couple maybe two even, over on Christmas Day to share our Christmas with.  Now, eight years ago after losing my mom to cancer I didn't have any good feelings about Christmas. I didn't enjoy it. I didn't want to decorate for it. I didn't want to cook for it. And I most certainly didn't want to have any company over for it. My mom always did huge Christmases. We got hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of presents. We always had a huge dinner with our pastor and his family. All of our relatives would come over. It was a big deal. And so when I lost her, I didn't know how to replicate that. We don't have a lot of family living in our area. And the ones that do live here want to do Christmas at their house with their children. Then I looked around at our church family one day and I realized that these people were as close to family as you could get. And they had needs that needed to be filled. And we have spots at our table that need to be filled.  And after all isn't that what Christmas is about? Making family even if you don't have a big one. Being someone else's family when theirs is across the country and can't get home for Christmas. And it is been such a blessing for our family to realize that others needs might just be a little bit more important than our own. So I encourage you to go invite somebody to your Christmas. Maybe an elderly couple who will just be sitting at home remembering bygone days. Be a blessing this Christmas season.