Christmas Program 2009

Our kids did a little Christmas Program at the school last night.  They did a really good job.

Our little Chloe was the sheep.  She was molting the whole way!  Hysterical.  That right there is the reason that I failed two sewing classes at college.  

Sorry it's so blurry.  She is beautiful!

Bored to death, apparently!
You can't tell they are siblings, can you?

She is smiling here knowing that her Mamma is taking pics of her.
Our little Ben is in the red....ain't he sweet?


Ole' Max

I haven't talked about our child-hearding border collie, Max lately.  Though his name is in the title of our blog.  Besides making massive water logged trails in the back yard, here are a couple of pics of what Max has been up to lately....

He had a bath, and boy was he angry about it.  He wouldn't even look my way!!!!

He played with Ty....ALOT!


And didn't even get aggrivated...though he was asking me with his eyes exactly what was in that diaper????

But he sure does love being a part of our family!!!!!!!!


So, here is me trying to take a small nap on the couch....

While my husband entertains the masses....

And here is what they find to do.

and this...

and this....

and then.....

it gets better, hold on.....

hold on, now we are getting to the good stuff....

and the whole time, the couch is shaking from my husband laughing.

What's a pig nose without a roll of tape, right?

And Isaac has seen his own image and likes it!

But wait!  We have more future pig's anonymous!

And they ain't happy about it either!

Until they see how much joy it gives their father, then THE FUN IS ON!!!!!!!

And that was our Monday.  My husband's day off.  I know you always wondered what we do. 

And, just in case you were wondering, I never did get a nap.


Cool blog giveaway!

One of my favorite bloggers is giving away a new computer.  Go here to check it out!  She is often giving things away, thought you'd like to know!

Mean Mommie!

I hope you don't think I am a horribly mean Mommie, but this is too funny not to share.  It all started with Chloe.  She loves my carrot cake.  So, a couple of years ago, her Daddy and I would go to say good night to her and on the nights that she was sleeping, we would whisper ever so gently "Chloe, do you want some carrot cake?"  And that girl would pop up, eyes still closed and say "YES!"  Then we'd have to tell her that we were only kidding ~ see, we are mean!

Today, we were on our way to Target and Ty started falling asleep in the back of the van.  Which I hate because then he won't want to take a nap when we get home.  So, as soon as I saw his lil' eyes close, I said "who wants a cookie?"  Ty opened his eyes, put his hand in the air and said "I DO, I DO!"  Which is exactly what he is doing in this picture.

Am I mean?  Nah.  Ty did get a cookie at Target. 


Open Heart Surgery

Here he is!  My Step Dad.  He survived open heart surgery and four days later wasn't on any pain meds!  He is amazing.  Thank you all for praying for him.  He is home now and resting comfortably. Here is a pic of his leg where they took the arteries from to repair his heart.

Our Thanksgiving Day 2009

Well, here we are Thanksgiving Day.  We had a great time, just us at our home. 
Hope you had a great day too.  After dinner, we went to a park and walked off all the turkey.  There are some pics from that as well.


Snowmen melt my heart....

Ever seen that sign?  Well, my lil' Iz and Ty were waiting at the kitchen counter for their lunch today while I was making it.  So, I bent down and said "give Mamma kisses"...they both did, and continued for about a minute.  Ty kissed me smack dab on the lip and Isaac would kiss me at the same time on my cheeks....my snowmen really do melt my heart!