Women In The Word Bible Study

I joined up with a group of ladies online to do a Bible study of I John.

Every Wednesday they have a link party discussing what we learned the past week.

So, here is my first WIWW link up:

I John 2:9-11
"He that saith he is in the light and hateth his brother is in darkness even until now.
He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him.  But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness and knoweth not whether he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes."

WOW!  These are some powerful verses.  My husband has always said that if you hold bitterness or grudges against others, you are letting them control you.  Now, I always believed that was true.  But here are the Bible verses to support it.  If you hate your brother, it says.  You don't even have to be mean to them with your words (it's a heart thing) you will walk in darkness.  You know not which way you go.  Your eyes are blinded.  Just from holding hatred in your heart.

I will have to admit to holding grudges, holding bitterness in my heart against others.  But looking at it now, do I really want it to affect my direction in life?  To interfere with my eye sight?  Nope, I sure don't.

I will definitely be more careful about the things that I hold in my heart.  The things that I let CONTROL me.



Can't get my mind off....

The poor spider we killed this morning.

Ben and Chloe were both sweeping the downstairs when I heard Chloe's
She's a drama queen.
And she gets her toes all curled up when she sees a spider.
So, there is this tiny little spider ~ one of those skinny ones that just looks like a dust mite???
You know what I am talking about?

Well, anyway, I made her kill one the other day in the bathroom.
Because she had been going upstairs for days and wasting time because there was a spider in this bathroom.
Again, a dust mite spider.

So, I decided she needed to get over this fear and kill it.
Same thing this morning "Just kill it Chloe."
Well, she was having a hard time obeying..so, I just killed it.
She was obviously beside herself.  Ha.

So Ben says "poor spider is in Heaven now, Chloe, finish sweeping."

To which Chloe replies: "Nu-huh...he's in HELL!"

And now I can't stop thinking about that spider that I didn't even witness too who split hell wide open (said in my best preacher voice) this morning when I killed him.  

It's terribly heartbreaking.