A sweet little story about a duck...a mean duck.

We went to an amish petting zoo a couple of weekends ago.
Don't ask what an amish petting zoo is...perhaps the animals don't use electricity and only wear black? 
I couldn't say for sure.
But, none the less, we went.

Ty ~ "Mamma, look at the sweet duck!"

Ben~ "Isn't it nice Ty?"

Ty~ "Oh, he's so soft!"

Ben~ "Now lets get a different duckie!"

Ty~ "Oh!  This one is yellow."

Ty~ "I want to pet this one!"




Laundry, laundry and more laundry.

Here's the problem.

Over a month ago, I started switching the boys clothes over from winter to summer.

It's still not done.

It's such a process when you have 3 boys.  

I couldn't keep up with all the switching and the everyday washing and drying, folding and putting away and pregnancy and medical transcriptioning and babysitting and teaching...{{{you get the point.}}}

So we are finally down to the end of it.
But I will say that the best thing that has come out of it is that my oldest two have begun doing their own laundry.

I help very little. 
It started because I can't switch the loads because we have front loaders and they are stacked and I am just not that bendable right now.

So, from start to finish, they bring their laundry down stairs.
Load the washer, then they call me and I put the soap in {{{not enough trust there}}}
they push the button to start and then they are responsible for the rest.

Pretty great set up, don't'cha think?

I like it.

Today I am doing towels and mine and J's clothes.

Good times.....



Dr's Appointment.

I went to see the specialist today about my diabetes. 
They did an ultrasound and our little girl is doing just fine.
She weighs 6.5 pounds already...uh, yeah.
Time for her to move out.
The Dr said that she isn't HUGE at this point, but I would definitely go early.
Does early mean tomorrow?

I have to be on medication and test my sugar 4 times a day.
Which, may I just say, those finger pokes are killers!
NO!  I am not kidding.
I thought I was going to die.
I didn't. 
And, it didn't even really hurt, but it's so hard to inflict pain on yourself.
I never imagined.
I'm so glad that my medication is oral instead of shots.
I just don't think I could do it!

So, that's the update.
Still pregnant.
Still eating chocolate.
Still here...
for now.




Can I just say that I am glad Mother's Day is over?
My husband went all out this year to make it special, and it was.
But there is still that sinking feeling that I am Mother~less.
It's never been right since she passed 6 years ago.

I remember so well my first Mother's Day without her.
She had just passed away on Wednesday. 
Her funeral was set for Monday and then we would all drive to Virginia for another funeral and her burial 
there by her Father.

Justus said "just try to go to church."
So, I did. 
I got about 5 minutes from our house and lost it.
How could I go to a special Mother's Day service the day before we bury my Mom?

So, I did the next logical thing that comes to the mind of Amy...
I decided to go to Hallmark and take the gift that I had gotten for my Mom back.

I didn't have a receipt for the bed tray that you put pictures in.
So, I went up to the counter and asked the lady if I could return it anyway.
She said, "No, I could get a store credit for another item for my Mother."
I took a deep breath.....
and another one......
and then came the tears

and I burst out bawling and said "My Mom died on Wednesday."

I've never seen those ladies move so fast to get me my money back.
{{{Try it sometime.}}}

And so, me and Ben and Chloe left with my money, went home and cried some more.
I can't really say that days like Mother's Day have gotten any better.
Most days are just fine.
I remember her with a smile.
I can talk about her and laugh without tears...
She was such a good Mother.

But Mother's Day....BAHUMBUG!!!!
I'm glad it's over.



Homeschooling Moms....

We are probably {{{most definitely}}} changing curriculum next year.
We used traditional Abeka this year and I just know that I can't do that next year.
I will have a new baby, and Isaac will be beginning kindergarten.

I am wondering what curriculum do you use?
What is an essential for you in your homeschooling?
How much do you spend on hs'ing?
Any help appreciated.



Gestational Diabetes...

Found out yesterday that I have gestational diabetes.

I knew I didn't feel "right".  

I'm always tired in pregnancy, but mornings are so rough for me.

I get so weak.

Anyway, so what does this mean?

I have no idea.

I am going to see a high risk Dr today and get on meds....

does that mean scary shots?

Holy Moses!

I can't give myself shots!

I would like to hear from you that have been here before,
as I really have no idea what to expect.

Help me...
Give me some idea of what I am about to get into.



May I complain for a minute?

Thank you.

If I stand normally, this child in my womb is so large that it hurts my back.

So, I stand {or walk} kinda arching my back back a bit.

So, now my back hurts all the time.

I have never been this big while pregnant.

It has messed with my equilibrium. 


This is crazy.


That's all.

Oh, and my sister in law had her baby this morning.

I'm so happy for her.

But no more complaining together about our pregnancies to each other.

Which is sad.

For me.

I'm sure she is happy as a lark this morning.

I will post a pic of the new little man as soon as I get one!