Laundry, laundry and more laundry.

Here's the problem.

Over a month ago, I started switching the boys clothes over from winter to summer.

It's still not done.

It's such a process when you have 3 boys.  

I couldn't keep up with all the switching and the everyday washing and drying, folding and putting away and pregnancy and medical transcriptioning and babysitting and teaching...{{{you get the point.}}}

So we are finally down to the end of it.
But I will say that the best thing that has come out of it is that my oldest two have begun doing their own laundry.

I help very little. 
It started because I can't switch the loads because we have front loaders and they are stacked and I am just not that bendable right now.

So, from start to finish, they bring their laundry down stairs.
Load the washer, then they call me and I put the soap in {{{not enough trust there}}}
they push the button to start and then they are responsible for the rest.

Pretty great set up, don't'cha think?

I like it.

Today I am doing towels and mine and J's clothes.

Good times.....


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