Can I just say that I am glad Mother's Day is over?
My husband went all out this year to make it special, and it was.
But there is still that sinking feeling that I am Mother~less.
It's never been right since she passed 6 years ago.

I remember so well my first Mother's Day without her.
She had just passed away on Wednesday. 
Her funeral was set for Monday and then we would all drive to Virginia for another funeral and her burial 
there by her Father.

Justus said "just try to go to church."
So, I did. 
I got about 5 minutes from our house and lost it.
How could I go to a special Mother's Day service the day before we bury my Mom?

So, I did the next logical thing that comes to the mind of Amy...
I decided to go to Hallmark and take the gift that I had gotten for my Mom back.

I didn't have a receipt for the bed tray that you put pictures in.
So, I went up to the counter and asked the lady if I could return it anyway.
She said, "No, I could get a store credit for another item for my Mother."
I took a deep breath.....
and another one......
and then came the tears

and I burst out bawling and said "My Mom died on Wednesday."

I've never seen those ladies move so fast to get me my money back.
{{{Try it sometime.}}}

And so, me and Ben and Chloe left with my money, went home and cried some more.
I can't really say that days like Mother's Day have gotten any better.
Most days are just fine.
I remember her with a smile.
I can talk about her and laugh without tears...
She was such a good Mother.

But Mother's Day....BAHUMBUG!!!!
I'm glad it's over.


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