Merry Christmas

It is my New Years Resolution to start back blogging. I promise. ❤️

But until then I wanted to share a couple things from my heart. I posted this picture of the Grinch because that is how we've been feeling the last couple of years about Christmas. We noticed there were several families in our church that were older couples whose children have started their own lives in different areas of the world and they don't have anything to do on Christmas. So all those years they had Christmas at home with their children just like we are doing this year and now they get to sit at home on Christmas Day and long for those days. So we started having a couple maybe two even, over on Christmas Day to share our Christmas with.  Now, eight years ago after losing my mom to cancer I didn't have any good feelings about Christmas. I didn't enjoy it. I didn't want to decorate for it. I didn't want to cook for it. And I most certainly didn't want to have any company over for it. My mom always did huge Christmases. We got hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of presents. We always had a huge dinner with our pastor and his family. All of our relatives would come over. It was a big deal. And so when I lost her, I didn't know how to replicate that. We don't have a lot of family living in our area. And the ones that do live here want to do Christmas at their house with their children. Then I looked around at our church family one day and I realized that these people were as close to family as you could get. And they had needs that needed to be filled. And we have spots at our table that need to be filled.  And after all isn't that what Christmas is about? Making family even if you don't have a big one. Being someone else's family when theirs is across the country and can't get home for Christmas. And it is been such a blessing for our family to realize that others needs might just be a little bit more important than our own. So I encourage you to go invite somebody to your Christmas. Maybe an elderly couple who will just be sitting at home remembering bygone days. Be a blessing this Christmas season. 


3 Years Ago Today

My life was forever changed. I woke up at a hotel room in Indiana and my leg and hip hurt so bad I could barely walk. Long story short, I had a 8 inch blood clot.  

Fast forward to today. 

Going through a life changing emergency like that does change you.  It gives you a new perspective on life. I realize that I don't have to compare my life to anyone else's. I have life and that's enough. I have five children then I get to raise. My husband doesn't have to depend on somebody else to help him raise the children,it's me. I get that privilege. And I'm so thankful for it. No my children aren't perfect, they weren't born perfect. They'll never be perfect, but they're mine. I get to be my husband's wife. He's not perfect either, but then again neither am I, and I'm so thankful for that opportunity. 

Our daughter Chloe was diagnosed with epilepsy this year.  I'm so thankful that we've been able to walk this journey together. With The Lord. We have hope, you see. Not as those without hope, the Bible says. We have Christ. 

So while life may take its twists and turns I am still thankful. Thankful to be alive. Thankful that all my children are able to walk and talk and breath. Maybe we have to slow down every now and then because of a seizure, but so thankful to HAVE LIFE. Enjoy your family this weekend. Be a light to someone who doesn't know THE LIGHT. Hug your kids!  Hug your husband. 

Happy Fourth of July!  Thank you to all of those who made it possible that we can enjoy freedom!


Poem from my eldest...

My Mother

I love you Dearly, 
O yes it's true!
Will you be my Valentine yearly?
I hope you do.

You are the Mother 
All the greatest is in you!
You think about others
And not about you.

We can't tell you how much
We love you.
We can't even touch
What you do!

I know this isn't the best poem
That you've heard in your life
But I want you to know
Your the best Mother and wife.


How is everyone?  Good.  Glad to hear it.

We took our little Annaleah in today to get her cast off.  She broke her foot.
She was clearly not detoured from this.  She still played, ran, fell, jumped, etc.  She just couldn't go play in the snow.  Which really bummed her out.  This was the week she got her cast on.  Didn't phase her a bit. 

Our beloved Max, the dog, has cancer.  In his elbow.  We are dealing with it as best we can.  One day at a time.  He is to have surgery on Monday.  I think he'll survive.  Oh Maxxy Muffin Mut!  What would we do without you.  

The other kids are doing well with school.  Well, as well as kids can be expected to do with school.  They love it!  Nah, just kiddin.  They tolerate it.  

And so, that's my yearly, I mean monthly update to my blog.  I hope you all are doing well.  I try to keep up on everyone's blogs that I have followed through the years as best I can!  Have a great day!


Updates of my ever so exciting life...

I got a transcription job!  My very first ever!  I have been an intern for almost a year with a great lady and now, I have my first job.  I'm still excited since I haven't started yet.  Next week, the excitement will wane.  I will be crying.  And life will resume as normal.

Our Border Collie, Max, tried to commit suicide yesterday.
He eats plastic.  Not sure why.  He is seriously psychotic.
He went after the baby swing and got his neck wrapped up TIGHTLY in the rope.
And his arm.
And then he panicked.
And it tightened.
By the time I noticed something odd, he had a garbly bark going on trying to signal for help.
And, I came to his rescue.  Me, and my trusty sidekick Ben.
Wow.  That dog.

I have 5 children.
Have I mentioned that?

I have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks!  YAY me!
I started back on Weight Watchers.
My third time.
Once after Isaac.
Then after Titus.
And now...after our lil' caboose.
Bittersweet really.



I regret every time I laid my baby down because I needed a moment alone.
Now, I get lots of alone moments.

I DON'T regret one time that I rocked any of my babies to sleep.
Those are treasured memories that I can't go back and do again.

I don't regret one minute of wasted sleep
I get up with my husband at 4am
and read our
Bible and pray together...
those are precious moments.

I do regret not getting  into
Word more as a teenager and college

I wonder if
God could have used me in bigger ways...

Thinking over the last year and trying to pick a word for this year.

I think...


Yes, that's it.


Sometimes, I get all mixed up in my head and have to retrain my brain.

What is really important?