Updates of my ever so exciting life...

I got a transcription job!  My very first ever!  I have been an intern for almost a year with a great lady and now, I have my first job.  I'm still excited since I haven't started yet.  Next week, the excitement will wane.  I will be crying.  And life will resume as normal.

Our Border Collie, Max, tried to commit suicide yesterday.
He eats plastic.  Not sure why.  He is seriously psychotic.
He went after the baby swing and got his neck wrapped up TIGHTLY in the rope.
And his arm.
And then he panicked.
And it tightened.
By the time I noticed something odd, he had a garbly bark going on trying to signal for help.
And, I came to his rescue.  Me, and my trusty sidekick Ben.
Wow.  That dog.

I have 5 children.
Have I mentioned that?

I have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks!  YAY me!
I started back on Weight Watchers.
My third time.
Once after Isaac.
Then after Titus.
And now...after our lil' caboose.
Bittersweet really.



I regret every time I laid my baby down because I needed a moment alone.
Now, I get lots of alone moments.

I DON'T regret one time that I rocked any of my babies to sleep.
Those are treasured memories that I can't go back and do again.

I don't regret one minute of wasted sleep
I get up with my husband at 4am
and read our
Bible and pray together...
those are precious moments.

I do regret not getting  into
Word more as a teenager and college

I wonder if
God could have used me in bigger ways...

Thinking over the last year and trying to pick a word for this year.

I think...


Yes, that's it.


Sometimes, I get all mixed up in my head and have to retrain my brain.

What is really important?