Can't get my mind off....

The poor spider we killed this morning.

Ben and Chloe were both sweeping the downstairs when I heard Chloe's
She's a drama queen.
And she gets her toes all curled up when she sees a spider.
So, there is this tiny little spider ~ one of those skinny ones that just looks like a dust mite???
You know what I am talking about?

Well, anyway, I made her kill one the other day in the bathroom.
Because she had been going upstairs for days and wasting time because there was a spider in this bathroom.
Again, a dust mite spider.

So, I decided she needed to get over this fear and kill it.
Same thing this morning "Just kill it Chloe."
Well, she was having a hard time obeying..so, I just killed it.
She was obviously beside herself.  Ha.

So Ben says "poor spider is in Heaven now, Chloe, finish sweeping."

To which Chloe replies: "Nu-huh...he's in HELL!"

And now I can't stop thinking about that spider that I didn't even witness too who split hell wide open (said in my best preacher voice) this morning when I killed him.  

It's terribly heartbreaking.


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