Bible Time.........

We do Bible time at night before bed now.

We used to send the younger two to bed as they don't really listen anyway.  

Just pick their noses.

My kids pick their noses a lot.
It's embarrassing.

But, I had bought Iz and Ty their own Bibles about a year ago and just recently gave Isaac his since he graduated from nursery to big Sunday School.

So, they like to come to Bible time.
It's a big deal!

And they like to pray.
Though, Ty sometimes gets confused.....

and a little bored....
And then starts to hit Isaac....
or some other such nonsense.
Like pick his nose.
He has ADD.

It's not his fault.
He was rushed out of the womb via emergency C~section.
He's been rushed his whole life. 
He's having a hard time coping with it all.



Marisa said...

Soo sweet and Hilarous about the picking the noses! ha ha! I have to remind one of mine ALL the time about that one! ha ha! Good Times! =)

~Amy~ said...

Yeah, it's really embarrassing in the middle of church.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little family. Can't wait to see you in 3 weeks or whenever it is. -marcy

Grace Wheeler said...

I "saw" you in the BlogFrog community for Amy (raising arrows) and thought I'd stop by and say "hi"!

I love this post...worship is the SAME way for us in the evenings...

and as far as nose-picking goes...you're NOT alone :)

(following you now!)