Reminiscing about Dad.

One of my favorite parts of Dad's passing
happened 2 days after he died.

Bro. Moffett was picked to do the funeral.
We just love him.
He came over on Saturday morning
and all 11 of the Snow's (and some of us spouses)
sat around the front lawn and reminisced for over an hour!
This was a moment that (I hate to be overly dramatic)
changed my life.
Never once did they mention
how much money Dad spent on them.
A restaurant they went to eat at.
Or a monetary gift.
It was all about Dad's time.

I believe every one of his children had a wonderful memory of Dad that they shared.

We laughed....

And cried.....

Heard some stories about Dad that I had never heard before.
Learned some things about a great man of God.
Who, so often, went unnoticed.

Watched my Mother~in~Law laugh, time after time.
She NEEDED this time.
I think we all did.

Bro Moffett kept saying "I don't think I can cover all of this."
But the stories kept coming.

What a legacy this man left.  
11 kids who think the world of him, even as adults.
11 kids who will take care of his wife for the rest of her days.
11 kids who sat around laughing and talking about their Dad just days after he died.
I don't think there are many men in this world who could be that lucky.
I feel blessed just to have been a listening ear.

And I know, as he was looking down at this very moment, he must have been so proud of his children.



The Doll Family said...

What a great man, indeed!!! I am so glad that you are taking the time to write down these thoughts - painful as it may be. You will want to remember forever.

Gale :) said...

I've never attended a gathering after a loved one had passed, where I laughed, cut up, told stories and shared so0o0o0 much, before.
My 16yr. old son lost his other Grandpa recently. He made a comment to me that Grandpa Snow's passing was so different, peaceful and happier than his other Grandpa passing. I know he loved both Grandpa's. I do feel that my son's perception of the two Grandpa's passings are a true testimony of my father's love for God; his love for being the best father that he could be with God's help; his will not to be just another good father but to go far beyond that, giving us every ounce of him in all aspects of child rearing. As parents, mistakes are made but as we learn from them we grow. My father is a wise man. His wisdom has been passed down to us, all of us. It's our choice to use it.

~Amy~ said...

So true Gale. I love that statement ~ giving us every ounce of him. He really did. When you asked him a question, he poured himself into finding the answer. Man do I miss waking up and checking my email and getting a funny letter from him. No one else calls me "My Amy."

Debbie said...

Thank you for sharing this Amy! Yes, a great man!!!!! I like you, miss his e-mails and so glad I saved so many and can read them again. He was a REAL friend!!!

~Amy~ said...

That is sweet Debbie! I saved all of his e~mails too! I'm so glad I did.

Anonymous said...

...jest read'n this again... :))

Anonymous said...

...just read'in it again...thanks Amy