Beautiful Day.....

It all started last night while talking to my Mother~in~Law.
Little Ty had woke up from his nap and had a fever.
So I knew I couldn't take him to church.
We decided to keep him at home last night.
I was feeling sad, discouraged in the Lord, etc.
So, I called my Mother~in~Law, who is Woman the Encourager personified.
And, boy did she encourage me.
I could literally feel my heart changing.
Some bitterness and anger, just gone.  
Now, I know, lest she read this, that it wasn't her, it was God working through her.
So, this morning instead of being the angry mom and wife that I have seemed to become lately,
I woke up and became excited about our day!
I told the kids to get ready!!!!
I had already determined that today we were going to go order the curriculum for their school next year.
And that was in Cleveland.
Well, there are also malls in Cleveland!
And we hit three of them today!
And it was such a beautiful day.
I felt like I had the joy of the Lord back in my heart.

I have four beautiful kids!

Who are all healthy.

And stinkin' adorable!

Every one of them!  

I am so blessed!

They kept saying "Thank you Mamma."
Not because I bought them something, but for the fun day!
I think I may have been a bit too grumpy lately.

This toy store was just awesome!

I loved the architecture of it!
The lights!
The colors!

My lil' boys about died when they saw the train table.
Then I reminded them that we have one just like it at home. 
They are so easily excited.

Outside the mall is a cute little fountain!
I couldn't get them all to smile at the same time.
This will have to do.

And I bought myself a Beautiful Day candle.
Because it was.



Marisa said...

Sounds like a FUN day! Good for you! Great Pics! Cute Kids!!

~Amy~ said...

I like, no I NEED those days every once in a while! Just get away and be happy! It felt good.

Marisa said...

=) Completely understand!! We all need out of the house and to do something fun like that! Keeps us sane!

Jaime said...

Really have been enjoying your blog Amy! Love your honesty! ...and the way you deliver it. :)

~Amy~ said...

Thanks Jaime!