What do I do?

While sitting at breakfast this morning, 
the kids were discussing what kind of oatmeal they like.
The apple cinnamon kind
the cinnamon roll.

But, Ben and Chloe most definitely agreed that they DO NOT LIKE GRITS!
I can't believe my own children would betray me!

Isaac, who was enjoying the whole conversation
but just wasn't sure which way he was leaning on the whole grits thing...

Looked up and said
"What do I do, Mamma?"

Have a great Saturday!



Hannah says hi! said...

I side with Ben and Chloe; no grits for me (even though I have never tried them before). Maybe there should be a poll about this or something. Lol!

Marisa said...

LOL! I agree. No grits for me! ha ha! Wish there was more food I didnt like! =)

~Amy~ said...

Marisa, I often say that if I was just a little bit picky, it would surely help my weight problem!

silvia said...

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