It's that time again in the Snow house. 
A time when I want to rip my hair out.
Or teeth.
Or someone else"s hair or teeth.
With our last little one.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my dear friend Shelarella!
She told me, when my first was just a baby, to throw away the diapers.

I thought I would share my potty training techniques. 
It has worked FOUR TIMES.
And rather quickly, I might add.
Now, we aren't out of the woods yet, it's only been 3 days.
But, man, am I proud of my little Ty.

So, day one: He has no idea that liquid comes out from "there."
So, you sit him on the toilet about a million times while you sit there and cry in front of him.
It's true. 
I usually cry while potty training.  
It can be somewhat frustrating.
Don't expect much the first day.
MAYBE and accidental pee.
But it will scare them more than anything and they probably won't release it all until
you put them back in their undies and put them on the floor. :)
BUT!  Bear in mind, they are learning what happens!  
And that is the key.
Up to this point in life, they have no idea what is going on in their diaper area.
Haven't even thought about it.
So, much patience is required.

Day 2:  You will want to quit all day long.
Thinking, maybe he's too young.
I always started right after their second birthday.

Yesterday (day 2) I sat by the toilet pretty much all day.
Until last night.
He let it all go in the potty.
I didn't scream until he was done.
It would scare him. 
We don't want to stop the flow.
No sirrie!
So, sit and be quiet.
And, now we are in 
Day 3: He woke up wet (of coarse), I had a pull up on him at night( that will be week 2).
As soon as he was downstairs, off came the pull up and on with the undies.
He wet just a bit, I put him on the potty and told him to put the rest in.

After he told me to leave the bathroom.
We've had a rough week together.
I'm not sure there is a bond anymore.
I hate sitting in the bathroom.
Though, thanks to my dear friend Nina who gave me some Shacklee Basic H for Mother's Day,
I sit in a clean, fully sanitized bathroom.

And, so that is how we do it.  
No diapers.
I have spent three days in this house...
only going out when my hubby could spell me.
But, it's gonna be worth it 
when I go shopping later this week and don't have to buy any stinkin' diapers!
First time in 8 years!



The Doll Family said...

Bless you. I have said many times that I would rather give birth than potty train. :)

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

OK, I've been procrastinating long enough. Potty training, for real begins tomorrow!! Thanks.

Tabby said...

This was my method for weaning from bottles/binkies/lovies as well--they just go away and no looking back. I don't know that I've ever applied that philosophy to pt'ing, though. That's the one thing I always feel like I'm starting at square one with, even after 7 'big' kids. Was going to try pt'ing the 8th this summer, though he's only 19 mos right now. Will be sure to try your method, thanks!

~Amy~ said...

Sure. I hope it works for you. The great thing is that there is no magic to it. Just be done. :) That's easy enough.