Ben and Chloe had done some extra chores the other day, so I told them that I would buy them a toy at the Dollar Store....so, Ben asked what Isaac and Ty would get when we went out shopping. I said "Oh, they will probably get a lil' snack or something..." About 15 minutes later Ben came up to me and said "Mom, I am really glad that I am getting a toy instead of food...you just eat it and it comes back out and we all know where it goes then!" Hahahaha! What's wrong with that kid???????????
I was getting our lil' Ty out of the van the other day and I was kissing his lil' toesies and telling him how beautiful they are when Chloe replied...."Mom, his toes are beautiful....but they taste like salt!" Hahahahaha!!!! "Chloe exactly when were you tasting Ty's toes????"

I love my children!

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