Funny happenings in Teen church this morning.

Perhaps, due to my plumpness, I am overly giggly...
but these teenagers this morning CRACKED ME UP!  
They are all on the younger side of their teen years and therefore tend to lose all abandon
and are very likely to just say whatever comes to mind.

While asking for prayer requests, Dylan age 12 raises his hand.

He says "please pray that my eyebrows would grow back quickly."
My husband ~ very seriously~ says "What happened?"

Dylan is quiet and pensive for a moment and says 
"My brother shaved them off while I was sleeping."
 Bahahhaaha!  Poor Dylan!
{{{We did pray for his eyebrows by the way.}}}

My husband has been teaching them through the book of Proverbs
the past couple of weeks and he was asking questions regarding previous lessons.

One of the questions was : What do you hold tight to?

To the which Tyler replies:

"Your wife?"


And last but not least... What is the principle thing?

One would think the correct answer is wisdom, or even God, or Jesus...


Not in our teen church.

No siriee bob!

We got 


Who knew???

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as I did.
It is great to serve the Lord!

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