The Week in Review.

I'm not gonna lie.
It's not been my best week homeschooling.
Lots of distractions it seems.

Titus poo'd his pants yesterday.
And then tried to clean it up without Mommy knowing about it.
Which only resulted in poo all over the bathroom.

Isaac spilled a whole water bottle on MY BED yesterday morning while watching a movie
and tried to blame it on Ty.
"Ty pee-pee'd," he said.
I knew it wasn't true when I saw the water bottle still on the bed.
This kid really can't lie. 
Cracks me up.

Ben and Chloe are catching on to school pretty well.
It seems to be taking less and less time!
Which makes Mommy pretty happy.
Praise the Lord!!!

I haven't been really sure what to do about Bible Curriculum.
I didn't buy any.

So, I decided on these beloved books of my childhood!
I distinctly remember looking through these books in me and my sister's attic
bedroom on Sunset Boulevard!
How sweet.

We have been having to keep Titus with us in church do to his asthma
and so I am hoping that a little Bible/School time in the morning
will help train him a little bit for sitting in church which he clearly is not
accustomed to doing.
At least it's pretty clear to those sitting behind us in church.
Sorry bout that.
He's a little rambunctious.
He's only 2 though.
Give him time.
Or something.

And, so, that is our week in review.
And some other random thoughts.
Sorry bout that, too.


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