A Trip to the Park one light Saturday evening....

This kid!  He was saying "cheese".  
I wub him!

We took a trip Saturday night to Mapleside Farm
where they were having an apple festival.
When we got there, they had some bands and other things that we decided we just weren't into.
So, we left, but knew that we had to do something fun with the kids!!!
So, we found this beautiful park.
Daddy with all of his offspring.

My little monkeys!!!

Isaac, I hate to say it, has become lazy. 
He always says "my legs hurt."
Bear in mind that he had a broken leg earlier this year
so we never know when he is being serious or not.
We usually carry his 50 pound body.
Oh yeah.
Good times.

This kid.
I wub him.
Did I already say that?
I might have.
Though it's still true.

Ben and Chloe.
The two amigos.
Always together.
And yes, sometimes fighting.

Now, the next couple of shots were almost my favorite from the trip.
Titus got to have a "new" pair of shoes. 
I bought them new for Isaac when he was young.
Titus just thought that they were the best things ever!!!
And he wanted me to photograph them from every angle.
So, I put him on the bridge and I went down under him.
The pictures turned out really cute.
And so did the boy.
I am contacting a modeling agency this week.

Get this one Mom!

From the side please.

And this side.

Ok, about Chloe's face.
She and I had a discussion.
She won't be doing that anymore.
Aren't they cute though? 
Little stairsteps~
love it!!

Check out Isaac!
Awww.... I wub him too.
And Chloe.
My oh my.

Go Benny Go!!!!!

This is a large sledding hill!
Can't wait to go back!!!!!
What's great about homeschooling is that I can take them one
day during school so that there aren't other kids there.
OH yeah.
This homeschooling gig is pretty good.

This is the pic though.
My darlings.
My little angels.
My poops.
I wub them.
Ornery as they are.
My advice to you:
Don't ever have 3 redheads in a row.
It'll take you down.
I promise.
But, the good news is, 
All of them.
I love freckles.

Love, Amy


Marisa said...

What GREAT pics! How fun!!

erin said...

I have ONE...ONE! out of my four, that has freckles!!! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE freckles!

~Amy~ said...

That is a very sad story Erin. Only one? Man.