I need some serious help folks....

This morning, amidst
homeschooling 2 children through the Abeka Curriculum
checking out FASFA grants for college
raising 2 babies, 
cleaning the house
doing leftover laundry from yesterday 
and continuously going back to my Breville Espresso maker 
to try once again to finish my cappucino for the morning
I found myself
in our back yard 
teaching a chicken a lesson.
Yes, you heard me right.

There I was with my arms crossed
tapping my foot
They keep getting out into our back yard where the kids play.
I hate that.
I hate chicken poo in my back yard!
So, I let the other chickens back in their part of the yard and
this one STUPID chicken was trying to eat a frog...(odd, huh?)

And he she wasn't paying a bit of attention to me.

So, I shut the gate and left her all to herself. 

She was lonely.
And squawk~y.
And sad.
And squawk~y.
And then she became IRATE!
Though still squawk~y.

But I stood my ground.
OH yes I did!
No chicken will get the best of this Mamma!
I have raised three red heads and lived to tell about it!

So, she is still out in the back yard.
Pooping, I am sure.

I hope she is learning her lesson.
Stupid chicken. 



Mary said...

I hate chickens.

Kayte said...

I like chickens... with sweet and sour sauce dripping all over them.

The Doll Family said...

Fry her up....that will teach her! :)

~Amy~ said...

You are so right, Debbie. I never thought of that!!!! But i'd have to kill her. Ewww!
And pluck her. I did dream last night that we got like dozens of eggs this morning. maybe I should go check.

Mary said...

Tie her leg to the fence on the inside of the chicken lot...

Mary said...

By the way, that last comment was really Mom. She told me not to tell...but I just did. Ha!