Just thought I'd update you on how our homeschooling is going.

I have had mixed feelings about it for a while now.
But I just knew that this was what the Lord had for us.
For me.
I had always said that I wanted to homeschool our children.
Until it came time to do it!
But seriously, my husband was the Principal of our Christian School.
And our firstborn is a boy.
God worked that out nicely that our Ben was able to go to school with Daddy every day.
They needed that bonding time.
They used to pray every morning for all the kids in the school. 
What sweet memories that Ben will have.

But, the Lord closed that door and opened this homeschooling one.
I knew that it would put an end to my shopping days. 
Even if it was just to the grocery store, I felt like I needed to get out DAILY!
And I still feel like I need to.
But, can't.
It's actually tamed me!
And I love it.
I feel like Harriet from Ozzie and Harriet.
Martha Stewart-esk.
Very Suzy Homemaker!
I even wore and apron around the house last night!
Just because it felt so good.

Now, back to the homeschooling.
We are using the Abeka Curriculum.
I really like it.
It shocked me at first how much work it was for me.
Just knowing what this book was, or that book.
Or where this chart was, or this list.
But, 2 weeks later, we are well into it and I am pretty comfortable with the curriculum.
It really teaches my children. 
I feel like they are getting a nice sound foundation.
I hope to post some pics of our school room soon.
And more on homeschooling.
but Ben needs help with his subtraction now.



I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron

Mary said...

I've always thought that I wanted to homeschool my kids until they were in the third grade or so at least...I just don't know if I'm too lazy to do it! Good thing I don't have to find out for a while!! :) You're my hero!

Anonymous said...

I saw you guys today but didn't get a chance to say hi. I bet you're gonna be a great homeschooler. I am also homeschooling this year. We are using some Abeka stuff mixed in with Calvert that a friend gave me. Your kids are too cute.