Rough Morning....

Yesterday morning I woke up with some kind of a rash all over my back.
It spread through the day yesterday.
Last night at midnight I was awoken by said rash and an infernal itching ALL OVER MY BODY.
I came down to the couch to catch some Psych on Netflix while I itched.
Justus got up at 4.
He left at 5.
I woke got up at 6:30 for the day.
Ate a banana.
Broke back molar on said banana.
Am still taking Coumadin.
Dentists are very leery to extract the rest of said tooth b/c I may bleed to death.
And they certainly don't want that to happen at their office.
Then they would have a strike against them, right?
Here I sit.
Me and 7 children.
And my coffee that I can't really drink because my TOOTH HURTS.
And I'm still itching.
And that folks, is my sad little life for the day.
May God bless you.


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