I just had one.

A revelation, that is.

I feel like my head is spinning most of the time.
We have been here, there, and everywhere this summer.  
For days, and weeks at a time.
My house hasn't been completely clean but maybe 3 days in 3 months.
I am not kidding.
I have FOUR KIDS. 
That's a lot of kids.

My Ty has been having asthma attacks (day and night) about every 4 hours for over a week.
I stay up late worrying about things I shouldn't.
(Which is basically what I am doing right now.)

I start homeschooling on Monday.
2nd and 4th grade.
I'm skeered of my own children.
What if they know more than me?
It's highly possible.
I hade such great hopes for having my whole life in order by Monday.
Not gonna happen.
My boys room looks like....I don't even know what it looks like.
It's hard to tell.
You can't really see any part of the floor.

I haven't finished decorating Chloe's room.
We've lived here for 3 years.

Today was Ben's birthday.
It was rushed.
Yet, I did get to spend time with him.
He told me that he was glad that I had given birth to him.
I remind them often what I went through just to give them life....
maybe I should let it go.

And so, I have been slack on my blog because I can't keep up with anything else.
But, truthfully, I sooooo enjoy blogging.
I love going back and reading about my babies.
They are so sweet.
And they grow so fast.
So, I am sorry to those of you who care and have wondered why I haven't been blogging much this summer.
I will try to do better.


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