Matthew and Stephanie come to visit:

Benjamin, Chloe and Isaac enjoying the water! Isaac never had so much fun in his life! Though he wouldn't get on the jet ski's! They were scary!
Titus and beautiful Moriah sharing a snack. If you notice, they aren't sharing very nicely though. Titus may be 4 months younger than her, but in the typical Snow fashion, he is HUGE! And he won most of the snacks...
Couldn't get very many good pics of the ski's in action, but we loved it!
Isaac enjoying the sights at the Zoo. And Uncle Matthew with all (or most) the kids.

My husband's brother Matthew and his wife Stephanie came to visit us for a week. We had such a great time while they were here. Steph and I went out garage saling on Friday Morning and she bought me a yummy breakfast sammie from Panera Bread. It's so good to have family that we can spend time with. Family that believes like we do, and love the Lord like we do. I hope that I never take that for granted. Thank you M&S for sacrificing the way you did to come and visit us! We sure enjoyed it!

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